New House. New Stroller. New Dollhouse.

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So what did you do yesterday?

I bought a house. Thanks for asking. Heh.

And how about another question you can’t answer cause you’re not here to answer me? OK. Two questions since that was a question.

If you have a thousand dollars cash, why in the world would you need a “certified check?” Isn’t the point of a certified check to show that you actually have the cash? And wouldn’t cash-in-hand be proof enough?

Oh. Wow. That’s a bunch more questions than I had intended.

And I’m using the whole question thing as a gimmick to get me into the story and now I’m pretty tired of it so I’ll just get to the point. Really. This time, the point is gonna happen.

We had our closing yesterday at 0900. We were fine with the time since it wasn’t too early and it wasn’t way in the afternoon where Tucker would have to take the entire day off of work. The problem came on Friday when we still didn’t have an approved HUD so we had no idea how much the check should be for…the closing check. That thing we had to give the lawyers so they’d give us our house keys.

That great closing time came back to bite us in the ass when Tucker discovered our bank doesn’t open until 0900. The time we were supposed to be sitting at the closing table. We got the brilliant idea to hit up the gas station next to our apartment since they sell cashier’s checks or whatever they’re called. We’d just get one for a thousand bucks and then the lawyers would cut us a check for the extra.

The only problem was that when the attendant rang up the cashier check thingies and I went to swipe my check card, I was told “cash only.” The fuck you say?

And you should have seen the way Tucker punched his steering wheel. Tucker, you’re lucky your airbag didn’t explode or something. Does your car even have airbags?

We got to the lawyers’ office and were all pissed and stuff since we still didn’t have an approved HUD and we didn’t have any money with us and I was going to have to leave the closing and find a bank and it was going to be a pain in the ass.

Turns out the closing lawyer let us write a check for the amount–I suspect that was due to the fact that the lawyer knows our agent and our finance guy.

And we had Cara’s birthday party on Sunday!

Mom got her this badass baby stroller from Pottery Barn.

Pink polka-dotted pram from Pottery Barn

Tucker’s folks gave Cara this sweet-ass dollhouse. All of the dolls–almost immediately–shed their clothes.

Cara and doll house.

So Cara got some awesome birthday presents and we got an awesome house.

Pretty cool, huh?


  1. HeatherSolos says:

    Pretty cool.

    Congratulations and stuff.

    Don’t ask me for decorating advice, we’ve been here almost 8 years and yeah.

  2. jennyquarx says:

    Congratulations! That’s very exciting! And Cara’s birthday presents are amazing.

  3. Jacqpinks says:

    Congrats on the house, hope u r going to share pics n please tag me in Twitter when u do in case I miss it HuGs♥

  4. Jacqpinks says:

    Oh I meant to say your kids are great and so are the kids grandparents they are cool gifts lol

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