Mayday! Mayday! Someone Save Us From Our Children!

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The kids will not stop interrupting us and it is about to drive Tucker and me absolutely crazy. Like running around the apartment and pulling our hair out by the roots crazy. HALP!

It took Tucker at least 30 minutes to tell me a ten minute story because Cara and Ollie wouldn’t stop butting in. They know to say “Excuse me.” when they have something to say but, if you have kids, you know that just means that they repeat, “Excuse me!” until you shut your own mouth so they can talk.

So they interrupt with “Excuse me.” which is still interrupting but they’re using the right words so they think it’s OK and we’ve officially given them a loophole. A loophole they use to punish us. Because they hate us.

I couldn’t figure out who I felt more sorry for: Tucker or the kids. Tucker lost his temper and started hollering at the kids and I wasn’t innocent in that either cause after a while…damn. And it’s either banish them to their rooms and hear them cry and know it’s all pointless since they don’t want to be without the other or let them be in the same room and listen to them fight. And, before you suggest it, we’ve broken up the fights and then tried the alternate plan of leaving them to sort it out themselves and punches get thrown and THEY TRY TO KILL EACH OTHER!

At least that’s what it seems like…

It just gets SO OLD what with the repetitive instruction to leave each other alone and telling them to stay out of each other’s rooms and telling Ollie not to touch Cara’s doll house and telling Ollie to stay out of Cara’s room and telling Cara to stop screaming at Tucker or me about Ollie doing something and telling Cara to not interrupt and telling Ollie to take deep breaths and stop grinding his teeth and telling Cara to stop slapping her brother and dealing with the screaming and crying and getting frustrated that they won’t leave each other alone and they won’t leave us alone and are you tired yet?

Cause I’m tired.

Tucker’s tired.

We are very much looking forward to that backyard.

Very much.

A lot.

You. Have. No. Idea.


  1. thepsychobabble says:

    We’re about to hit snow weather and yucky days and I’m not looking forward to not being able to send them outside to blow off steam:-/

  2. okay, so I’m still totally trying to teach my kids this trick, but this is what I learned from another parent: When you are talking to another person (either on the phone or in person) instead of interrupting, the child comes and places their hand on your forearm to tell you that they need to talk to you about something. While you continue talking/listening to the other person, you place your hand on top of theirs to let them know that you see that they are there and need your attention. Keep it there until there is a break in the conversation and then say “excuse me” to the person to which you are talking and ask your child what they need. I’ve seen it in action and it really is fabulous. I think you have to role play it as practice every day (maybe even a few times a day!) so that they think to do it in the actual situation, but it’s just such a nice calm approach. But like I said, I’m still working on teaching my kids (they’re 3 and 1) so it’s still hit and miss.

    • @melanna The hand on the arm jobber is a great idea. We also started telling Cara to raise her hand like she’s in school. That seems to have helped a little bit.

  3. JustinAion says:

    This is what

  4. JustinAion says:

    This is what it feels like to teach middle school in my district. The kids know exactly what they are supposed to say, but do it in a way that is so rude and obnoxious that you want to send them to their rooms. They don’t have rooms and we can’t send them out because we can’t let them wander the halls unescorted.

    I feel your pain and I am NOT looking forward to when my girls get to the fighting stage.

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