Working On Ollie’s Video Game Addiction

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I wrote a couple of days ago about Ollie being obsessed with video games.

It’s getting better. He’s getting better.

The work-around?

Setting a time when there’s the possibility of game time. The possibility part has been a battle which has been a nice change from the gaming being the battle. I can work with time frames. Obsessions? Those are harder dragons to slay.

I was worried that limiting his game time would cut into our gaming time. I know that sounds completely selfish and maybe it is but we love our games too and limiting his game play shouldn’t be a punishment to him or us.

30 minutes after dinner is what we’ve decided.

30 minutes after dinner MAYBE.

We still reserve the right to come up with something other than him playing Rayman and he still occasionally asks to play a game on our phones or on Tucker’s iPad but since we’ve set clear limits, he’s much more willing to accept me asking him what the new rule is and them him answering, “After dinner.”



  1. JustinAion says:

    I like this rule very much but I will not be telling my wife because she will apply it to me…

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