Do You Embrace New Tech At the Expense of Old?

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The New Edison Final Achievement Phonograph

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Tucker and I have reached an impasse.

He thinks old tech is old tech and that our kids aren’t missing anything by having not been exposed to ancient things like tapes, Playstations and printed dictionaries.

I hold that it’s a sad day indeed when Cara asks what cassette tapes are and then gazes in awe at Mom’s old wedding album and it wasn’t just because Mom was so young.

Then there’s the deal with the books.

I’ve always been a reader and I’m not quite sure how many paperbacks I currently have in my possession. And books take up a lot of space. Just ask Tucker if you don’t believe me. In fact, he’s spent the past several hours stuffing my books into our bookshelf. If Tucker had his way, all of those books would be digital and we wouldn’t have a book shelf.

But I can’t give up my books. Memories are attached to each and every one of those books. There’s a reason why it was always a bad idea for my Books manager to assign me to alphabetize the Children’s Section when I worked at the Hasting’s.

The feel and the smell of old books just does it for me. If you “get” it then you know exactly what I’m talking about. I love the old but I also love the new…

So maybe it isn’t so much that Tucker and I have reached an impasse as me, myself and I have reached an impasse?

I’m not afraid of tech. I embrace it. We pay the high price of being early adopters. Technology can be a fabulous thing. I own a plethora of electronic books; they fit great on my phone. But every time I buy a book on Amazon and download it to my phone, I feel like I’m cheating.

The King is dead. Long live the King?

What side do you come down on? Leave me a comment cause I can’t tell if I’m just being a sentimental oaf or if Tucker’s just stupid…or both…



  1. CharlesColp says

    I adore my books and many bookshelves lined with titles ranging from And Then There Where None to Zoology: For the Beginner. I also have to admit the ease of having all of my current reading at my fingertips when I find myself stuck in a waiting room or in a long line for something not very important. So I will come down with an unhelpful “me too” I am still trying to complete my Agatha Christie book collection but just ordered 2 new books in digital format. So really I guess my opinion is more of a waste of space than helpful in any way. lol…

  2. thepsychobabble says

    There is something special about ACTUAL books. I have a few that I really love. And I was very glad for them when my e-reader died an abrupt death last week.

  3. JustinAion says

    Wax cylinders fo’ LIFE!!

    Also, I think we will still have books until paper becomes a scarce resource, which I hope is never. I like my print books!

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