And Today I Am 30

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Today is my birthday.


Image | Mykl Roventine

I am not a fan of birthdays if they happen to belong to me and it looks like this particular birthday will be one of my least favorite.

Not only am I 30 today but my right eye feels like someone stuck tiny little needles under my eyelid. It started a couple of days ago and since then, I’ve been living like a cave person; all of the blinds stay drawn. No light for this girl.

Tucker went back to work today after having been home for a coon’s age…which sucks since it’s my birthday and since it’s my birthday, he should be home. Stupid jobs. Stupid responsibility. Doesn’t the world realize it’s my birthday and what I say goes?

To increase the birthday suck awesomeness, the kids are both sick. BUT, know what’s EVEN MORE AWESOME?! The Kung Fu Panda game has enthralled Cara and Ollie so that’s what they’re giving me for my birthday: them playing Kung Fu Panda so I can sit on the couch and watch Being Human on Netflix as I old my ice pack to my eye.


  1. HeatherSolos says:

    Boo. Hiss. I wish I could do something for you. Happy birthday, my friend.

  2. JustinAion says:

    I posted about this same thing when I turned 28. I am all about celebrating birthdays if they belong to someone else.


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