Fields & Lane Forester Gardening Glove Review and Giveaway!

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Cara thinks my Fields & Lane gardening gloves will make her plants grow.

There's a plant in there!

When I first started thinking about having a garden at our new house, I imagined fertile, black soil. I imagined cool breezes with just enough sun to warm your skin. What I never got around to imagining was hard, red clay and days straight with no sun and potting soil stuffed so far up under my short nails that I was pretty sure I would die with that stuff.

I guess that whole gardening glove thing isn’t just for looks?

The problem is that I really don’t like gloves. Even when it’s bitterly cold, I’d rather have frozen fingers than have to deal with weird feeling gloves. This is important so you’ll understand just how big of a deal it is for me to say I really dig Field & Lane’s Forester gloves. They smell good, too! Not that most people care what their gloves smell like…except for me.

I was able to get some seed starting pot thingies filled and ready to go without ending up with dirty, dirty hands. I was able to unscrew an extremely tight lid without gravely injuring myself and the gloves didn’t get even seem to mind. And while my gloves are a bit big–if you’re on the line when you measure, go for smaller–they still have a nice fit and a nifty “flex-line” across the back so they’re extra flexible and didn’t make my hands feel like they were in little hand straight-jackets.

AND, there’s the added benefit of Oliver thinking the gloves make perfect “gauntlets” for when he has to go take care of bad guys.

Ollie in Fields & Lane gardening gloves.

Ollie thinks the gloves are "gauntlets".

Since I love these gloves so much, and planting season is just around the corner, I have a pair of Forester and a pair Wave gloves for one lucky reader. This is for guys and gals but you should know that the Wave only comes in women’s sizes so, if you’re a dude who wins, I’m sure you have a lady friend who would love to have some new gloves.

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  1. thepsychobabble says

    I also have an issue with dirt and the nails and the sensation and yech….although somehow gloves didn’t really occur to me?

    • thepsychobabble says

      ha, forgot my favorite plant. Ideally, I’d like to be able to grow peppers. And tomatoes. And onions.

  2. My favorite garden plant is the rose!

  3. I love to vegetable garden and nothing makes me happier than seeing a beautiful tomato or basil that will bea great addition to a future dinner.

  4. My favorite garden plant is rainbow swiss chard bc it’s beautiful and oh so tasty.

    I also signed up for the newsletter.

    Thank you for this winning opportunity.

  5. Mine is sugar peas as they are yummy.

  6. My favorite garden plant are green peppers

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  7. Laurie Harrison says

    Peas! I love growing peas!

  8. My favorite thing to grow in my garden are tomatoes!

  9. MelissaSelznickResnick says

    tomatoes is mt plant of choose

  10. ShannonPittman says

    I love to grow lilies because they are super easy!!!! MY thumb is not the greenest!

  11. tomandmollyk says

    It is a toss up between tomato’s and cucumber’s.

  12. Nikki Thoresen says

    Day lilies!

  13. My favorite are tomato plants


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