Change Previous and Next Text in Thesis On Pages and Posts

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If you’re anything like me, the “previous/next” post navigation just doesn’t work for ya.

I tend to get myself confused on exactly what previous and next mean once I’ve dug myself into my site.

A change of words was needed.

The code below changes the wording for previous and next on posts and when you’re clicking through pages of posts.

Add this code to the bottom of your custom_functions.php file. Change the red words to whatever you want.

// Previous Next Text
function next_text(){
$next = 'Newer Posts →';
return $next;
function previous_text(){
$previous = '← Older Posts';
return $previous;
function next_post_text(){
$next_text = 'Newer Post: ';
return $next_text;
function previous_post_text(){
$previous_text = 'Older Post: ';
return $previous_text;

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