This Is Why Kids Shouldn’t Play with Other Kids

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Last month we were all sick with some sort of soul-sucking sickness that lasted far too long. Once we had recovered, Tucker and I agreed that if we had just taken everyone to the doctor then we probably would have suffered A LOT less.


Now I’m back from Blissdom and the kids are sick again. And they gave it to us. Again.

This is why children should not be aloud to interact with other children. “Keep ’em locked in the house!” is what I always say. [Actually, that’s a lie. “Kick ’em out in the backyard!” is much closer to the truth.]

I actually learned from our mistake of not going to the doctor–Shocked? Me, too!–and had my cell ready at 0800. The thing you have to understand about the kids’ doctor’s office is that you have to schedule appointments three or four months in advance since the office is so respected. In order to get a “sick call” appointment, you better be ready and mean business.

I rock. You should know this. The reason, other than general rockedness? The kids have their appointments at 1100. Granted, it’s not with Cara and Ollie’s pediatrician and I’m going to be listening to much grousing but the kids can deal.

I’m tired of them randomly wiping their noses on me. I don’t remember being briefed on that part of parenting!

Ollie’s right cheek looks like someone took sandpaper to it since he keeps using his right sleeve as a tissue. I keep putting lotion on his cheek; nothing helps.

Is it weird that I just thought of this after that last sentence?

I’m a horrible person.

Note: Back from the doctor and Cara has a raging ear infection and Ollie has to see an ENT next week. Fun times.


  1. HeatherSolos says:

    Bleh. Get better now. ALL of you.

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