Tucker Being Right and Me Freaking Out About Being Alone with Ollie [Gif Heavy! YAY!]

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Now Panic and Freak Out sign

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Cara starts school this fall and you’d think I would be freaking out about the kindergarten thing. Instead, I’m freaking out about Ollie being home with me.

For two years.

Two years of not having Cara around during the day. Two years of entertaining just Ollie. Two years of him being bored with me.

I don’t do well with change.

Friday was my freak out night–I have those every now and then.–and if you haven’t already guessed, the freak out topic was Ollie and our alone time.

I was kinda like this when I realized Ollie would be home for two years without Cara:

And then this when I was freaking about him being bored and miserable with me:

And toward the end of my rant I’m sure I looked something like this:

Once I was done, Tucker gave me the Tucker look and said, “Yeah, but Cara had you to herself for two years.”

My reaction:


“Her two years and HIS two years aren’t exactly the same thing.”

“Right. Her two years were her being a baby and you having to always hold her. With her, if you needed to make lunch or whatever, you had to put her down and she would crawl off after the cat or put something disgusting in her mouth. With him, he’ll actually be able to do stuff. When you make a sandwich, you can ask if he’d like to help. He’s always had to share you and now he gets you all to himself.”

And then Tucker was all like this:

I begrudgingly admitted he was right.

Angry clap gif

I hate it when Tucker’s right.


  1. thepsychobabble says:

    Best thing ever? Preschool. It’s only about 6 hours a week, but it’s soooo worth it:)

    •  @thepsychobabble SERIOUSLY considering preschool. He’s already started getting upset that he can’t go to kindergarten with Cara. 

  2. daNanner says:

    I love the gifs in this!!! Especially Jess from The New Girl. Anyway, you’ll be fine. Tucker is right, toddlers are more fun.

  3. MelanieMontheiNelson says:

    Best use of animated gifs I’ve seen since 1995. Well done, my friend. 😉 Hilarious as always.

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