Cara’s Trip to the ER

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I’m writing this super early today before I finally crawl into bed.

What’s funny is that I’m usually up this late but after you’ve spent hours in an ER, you get a bit bushed.

Ollie had his ENT appointment yesterday and we were up and moving much earlier than is normal for us. Cara mentioned a “bump” on her head that itched but I didn’t think much of it since I had just braided her hair and had braided it tight. The braid was promptly removed by the girl child.

Fast forward several hours and we were brushing teeth right before bed.

“Mom, you said you would put some of Ollie’s hydrocortisone on my bump. Remember?”

Of course I had completely forgotten.

I got a bit of the goop on my finger and then went digging through her hair to find this elusive bump.

The “elusive bump” ended up being this huge, red thing that scared the shit out of me.

I went ahead and slathered on the ointment and then grabbed a Sharpie and marked the margins so I could check on it in the morning. If it hadn’t gone down and she was still complaining about the bump then I was taking her into see Dr. Bryant.

Tucker had a school conference call so I climbed into Ollie’s bed with both kids so they’d stay quite and hopefully fall off to sleep with little problem. Instead of falling asleep, Cara kept tossing and turning because she couldn’t sleep on her back; her bump was hurting her.

Did you ever read that Reader’s Digest horror story about the spider that bit the woman but the woman didn’t know she had been bitten until baby spiders were crawling on her face. Yeah. I might have gone there.

The ER was the obvious answer.

Cara at the ER

Why so serious?

After many hours of waiting and half of Tangled and some of the new Tron movie, the doctor finally came in and gave Cara’s bump a good look. Turns out, the culprit is a very angry lymph node which just happens to be on the same side as Cara’s–now gone–ear infection.

I left with a new prescription for Cara and a very sleepy five year old.

Only the way home I asked her if she was OK. Cara told me she was fine and sleepy and was happy we could have an adventure by ourselves.

I’m all about one-on-one adventures, kid, but next time, let’s have one during the day.


  1. HeatherSolos says:

    Poor kiddo, poor you. I’m glad it wasn’t anything too serious.

  2. prCarrS says:

    I’m glad she was okay. And I might have also thought about roaches/spiders when you said a big red lump. Maybe.

  3. SarahInMI says:

    My kiddo had that same lymph node thing awhile back (as I mentioned on Facebook). Of course that bump was so huge I was CONVINCED it was a tumor. Scary shizz when it’s your kid’s noggin. Glad she’s okay.

    •  @SarahInMI Ollie used to do that when he was a baby and, of course, I freaked the fuck out when it first happened. Dr. Google actually calmed me down, for once. :DBut Cara’s was warm and red and hurt and unilateral. Having said all that, I’ll take a bright red lymph node over a spider sac any day. lulz

  4. justmalia says:

    So glad everything turned out well! (My mind would have gone to spiders, too….)

  5. jasummerell says:

    @TheAmyTucker Jeez. Glad it wasn’t something horrible.

  6. closet_ginger says:

    @TheAmyTucker Aww, well I’m glad it was nothing too serious! Hope it goes away quick. 🙂

  7. closet_ginger says:

    @TheAmyTucker Last time my family & I were at the ER late @ night, the place was empty so I was empowered with the tv remote. OH THE POWER!

    • TheAmyTucker says:

      @closet_ginger ROFL Everything’s OK though, right?

    • closet_ginger says:

      @TheAmyTucker All’s well. My dad was fine in the end. Mostly ended up being an amusing tale. Which is, of course, the best sort of ER visit

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