My Header is Janked Because, Ollie’s Ear and a Startup’s Awesome Video

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If any of you were wondering why my header is all janked, just know that it’s not that much my fault. The charger for Darwin’s battery kind of split in two and since it’s pretty important electronic shocky stuff be all in ONE piece, I was doubly screwed.

I’m currently on Tucker’s laptop. The laptop that looks like it’s caught a case of ebola or herpes or something. The laptop that’s connected to our monitor so that he can use the laptop. Which, I’ll admit, is a smart idea but it looks so ghetto it hurts me.

Anyway. Enough of that.

Even though YOU’RE going to read this on Thursday, I’m actually writing it on Tuesday. The internet is like a time machine! Or something.

Ollie went to the ENT today–Tuesday–and it was a complete and utter joke. Not only did we have to wait an hour before the doctor showed but then the guy did just about the exact same thing as his pediatrician had done. He also suggested we use white vinegar in Ollie’s ears to dissolve all the crud. Wish someone had bothered to suggest that BEFORE we took the kid to an ENT. Hell, I wish I had thought to Google that shit.

Also? Have a video. You’re welcome.

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