Spiderman Dancing to Numa Numa Song or When Cara and Tucker Should Have Been Asleep

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What happens when I miss a dose of my meds and then take them earlier than normal?

I stay up and am productive and schedule posts on Sims 3 Gamer for the next three weeks. Yay for productivity!

However, as I’m writing this, it’s after 1100 and Cara is in our bed after an EPIC freak out. Totally gave in to a tantrum because I was worried about our neighbors calling CPS and of Cara waking Ollie. Parenting fail but I’d rather deal–later–with a pissed off five year old than deal with an agency that could take my kids away.

Point. There is one.

This is how they BOTH should have been:

sleepy gif

Or this:

First video I was emailed from Tucker as I sat outside and scheduled Sims 3 posts:

I went in and told them both to go to sleep only to find Tucker showing Cara polka. Don’t ask because I don’t know either.

Then came this video:

It was at that point that I stomped in and took this picture. By “stomped in and took this picture” I mean I really STOMPED IN and flipped on the lights and took this. I figured they deserved it.

Cara and Tucker should totally be asleep.

One of these days we'll get some bedroom furniture and matching bedding. Really.

Tucker just came out to let Sophie go pee.

Way too late for that guy.

I can’t wait to hear him bitch tomorrow and see Cara drag ass at gymnastics. [CLARIFICATION!!! I don’t want my family to suffer. I just want to giggle a bit. Is that so bad?]

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