Doctor Who and Donna Complete with Gifs

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I always feel like I have to excuse myself for being a huge dork even though you ALL know I’m a huge dork. It’s not like it’s a secret or something.

I’m going to be talking about Doctor Who–rather good comments in this other Doctor Who post–again. This is where I excuse myself for being a dork and offer you other things you might want to read.

I suggest you read my “favorites” but realize that I haven’t updated it recently. Still, read it. Not bad stuff there.

So. Yeah. We just watched the Doctor Who episode which gave this gif so much meaning that it makes me want to cry:

Doctor Who Sad Rain

Oh, Donna.

doctor who donna human timelord gif

Do I even need to mention that there are spoilers? I don’t, right? Cause this episode of Doctor Who was a bit back. Don’t expect me to figure out how long ago since that requires simple math and I don’t posses those abilities.

Tucker wanted me to go onto the next episode and I told him I couldn’t take it. Give me a “simple” episode of Doctor Who any day but don’t ask me to watch the VERY END OF TEN right after what I just went through.

Forever Doctor Who Donna Doctor

I loved Rose. I STILL love Rose.

Doctor Who Kisses Rose

So much happened in this episode and the one before it and DAMN! If I could write like that then…I’d be writing a really awesome episode of Doctor Who.

Fine, Melanie. You’re right. Donna has been the best thus far. Man, I love her. So stinking much.

I’m just going to go to bed and cry.


  1. thepsychobabble says:

    We’re watching them slower than you are (I’ve watched ’em before, the kids get them as rewards. Nerdy kids. <3 it:p) and I totally forgot about how the Doctor-Donna ends. I must have blocked it, because omg, the sad!

    •  @thepsychobabble Tucker and I always give the kids a “game plan” so they have an idea what’s going to happen after dinner. Last night Tucker said that we were going to put the kids to bed and then watch some Doctor Who and then go to bed. Cara was quite pissed she wasn’t going to get to watch the show with us. 😀
      And can you believe he expected me to watch the next episode after dealing with the awesome of Doctor Squared and Rose and then the emotional shit of what happened to Donna. “You’re joking, right?” was about all I could muster when he looked surprised I wasn’t down for watching the next episode. 

  2. The end of Doctor/Donna is heartbreaking. I had to skip those episodes on my 87gajillionth rewatch and go right from Silence in the Library to the new Matt Smith episodes. Because the WTFery in those makes my head explode. I keep hoping I’ll understand it but alas, no. I’m left scratching my head every. single. time. If I ever meet Mr. Moffatt, it’s going to be me saying “Doooooooood, what the HELL are you doing?”

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