Garden Update 50 Bajillion Million!

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garden fresh radishesOther than some thyme, basil and five pea pods, radishes seem to be the only thing I’ve managed to grow–and harvest–with somewhat reliable success.

I put them in the measuring cup with water because I wasn’t quite ready to break the news to them that they were heading for my salad; I took that picture yesterday. Looks like I need to suck it up and put these guys out of their misery.

I wanted to do everything I could to have an organic garden. I wanted to buy praying mantisis–as much as they creap me the hell out–or lady bugs–pretty sure I’d only buy one of the two since I’m also pretty sure the praying matinsses would think the lady bugs would make a tasty treat–to keep the bug population to a minimum.

It’s not like I planned on going all hippy or something; I just wanted my kids to be able to pick something from the garden and the only thing they had to be afraid of eating was some dirt.

And then some bugs started attacking my red runner beans. Poor dudes went from looking like they did back in at the end of April to being these weird yellow-brown abominations that couldn’t grow since they didn’t have enough healthy leaves to properly photosynthesize.

Seeing my runner beans go from garden badasses to sickly, yellow things…something flipped in my weak, female brain.

My mood at seeing my beans be eaten almost to the point of death and my poor peppers getting sacked by unseen beasties?

hydrogen bomb explosion gif

I bought some pesticide–Which promises to not give my kids extra ears…OK…it doesn’t REALLY say that but it’d kick ass if it did, right?–and sprayed the crap out of my garden.


Happy plants!

Considering the fact I sowed almost an entire pack of carrot seed and this is the only one to make it this far, I’d say he rocks.

One single carrot

Ollie’s salvia plant.

sensational salvia

Cara’s salvia plant.

sensational rose salvia

My purple okra that’s finally starting to grow.

purple okra

I first grew this stuff in a pot at our old apartment.

It was finally taken down by Ollie who decided to pull it out of the soil and then shred it. Just to spite Oliver, I planted some more. I’m glad this plant has plenty of yard and a couple of doors between it and Ollie.

Good luck, purple basil. You’re going to need it.

purple basil

I don’t remember how many nasturtium seeds I planted. I guess that doesn’t really matter since at least we have this one. With one bloom.

edible Nasturtium

I made sure to get a picture of this Mexican Sour Gerkin baby in case some nasty decided to eat it. If everything works the way it should, we’ll have quarter sized, watermelon looking gerkins…one of these years?

Mexican sour mini gerkin

I used to grow marigolds in the window box of my room when I was little. That involved me dumping in some seed and not much else. They grew like champs. The seeds I planted in my garden? Obviously this garden hates me.

Finally I have proof that these weed looking things just might flower.

One of these days.

Marigold bud

See that little, bitty white bud? That might turn into a pepper of some sort if the stars are aligned just right. Maybe. And I don’t know what kind of pepper because I got them all mixed up when I transplanted them.

Bell pepper bud

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