Um…Not Sure What To Title This and Jason Mraz Song and a Gif

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This is the weird limbo time where I’m about to start my period–How about I just toss that out there, right? You’re welcome.–and stuff isn’t working so well in my head. Hormones are amazing things and for me, they seem to bring on mild bouts of paranoia and a bit of anger.

Looks like this month they’re also bringing on emotional fragility, inability to stay on task and mild mania.

Poor Tucker.

Perfect examples?

  • I started this post at 13:22 on the 31st. I probably started it because I had been writing the gardening post day before yesterday and I was procrastinating.
  • I just cleaned the entire kitchen and swept and stuff.
  • I’m going to Arkansas this weekend for Family Reunion and I still need to pack.
  • I’ll take care of that packing stuff tomorrow as I tear around the house trying to find the other shoe to just about every set of shoes everyone owns. Hopefully I’ll get to Arkansas with at least one set of matching shoes for everyone in my truck.

Did I mention I’m going to be at FAMILY REUNION this weekend? I know some of my family reads this so, family, if you don’t see me for a bit, don’t be offended. I’m just taking a “mental minute.”

I should trademark that shit!




Never mind. I just Googled it and that ship has SO sailed. I can’t even act like it was my idea first…cause it wasn’t.

This post is definitely NOT turning out how I thought it would turn out.

The only reason I even started this is because Details In The Fabric came up on Spotify. I love that song and it just put me in this weird mood that inspired me to start a blog post.

Now that I’ve COME BACK to the post, I’m not in the same mood. But, family? If you don’t see me for a bit, don’t come looking for me because I’m HIDING.

At any rate, I still love the song and maybe you haven’t heard it so I’ll share it so you can hear/watch it.

Or don’t.

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