Spodee Hooch Wine Review

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If you’re looking for a highbrow wine then you’ve come to the wrong place…on so many levels.

First off, watch this:

The video cracks me up. Just thought you should know.

Spodee was a Depression era hooch that mixed up homemade country wines with garden herbs, spices and moonshine. The resulting brew was then put into whatever containers they happened to have lying around…hence, the milk bottle. It may not be fancy pants, but it sure is tasty!

They call it “Wine with a kick” and they’re not joking.

I dug through all of the bubble wrap–My kids thank you, Laura–and came out with this:

I tore away the ring to find

Spodee wine cork

Look, this was NOT the first bottle of wine for me to meet. I’ve slayed MANY a bottle of wine; I am a WINE SLAYER!

pump shotgun

I grabbed the first cork popper I happened to find and went to work.

And ended up with

Spodee wine with screwdriver

and Spodee doing this

But, finally I got to this

Spodee wine cork pieces

and I employed my absinthe spoon thusly

Straining Spodee wine with absinthe spoon


If you’re a fan of port or any sweet red then you’ll like Spodee.

Spodee has a slight chocolate flavor and leaves you feeling all warm after just a sip. And before you get turned off by the idea of wine mixed with moonshine, let me assure you that you probably wouldn’t even know the moonshine was in there if I didn’t tell you; it’s just going to taste like crazy, sweet wine.

I drank it at room temperature and, once it had chilled out in the fridge, I drank some cold; I like it better when it hasn’t been refrigerated.

Because of its sweetness, it would go great with just about any kind of desert you can throw its way but I had it with a BLT sandwich and it was FABULOUS so don’t be afraid of breaking the “rules” and having it with something savory; just like bacon, I suspect Spodee can go with anything.

Be sure to check out my favorite Spodee wine recipes and give the official Spodee site a gander.