I’m Gonna Be a Booth Babe at Type A

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I should be cleaning the house and figuring out what to pack for Type A but, instead, I’m writing this.

And why really write anything at all when I can just embed tweets?

Awe, technology, how you spoil me.

If you happen to be at Type A this weekend, come by the SpinPicks booth. No groping of the talent though. Got it?


  1. thepsychobabble says:

    How cool is that? Congratulations:)

  2. prCarrS says:

    Now I’m even more bummed that I won’t be at Type-A!

    • @prCarrS For some reason I thought you were. ­čÖü

    • prCarrS says:

      ┬á@TheAmyTucker┬á I really super wish I were. I’m trying to make it happen next year. This year, we paid for my Mom to come here from Florida instead. She hasn’t seen the kids since the 2-year-old was 2 weeks old…so I figured I should choose my Mom ­čÖé

  3. HeatherSolos says:

    @TheAmyTucker rawr

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