Type-A Con 2012 Recap Even You Will Want To Read

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I need one big, fat, squishy nap.

And a drink.

In short, I need a few days to recoup from conference fatigue; there are only so many days I can stay up till 0400 and get up at 0700.

This conference was a bit different for me since I was working it instead of attending the sessions. I was scared I would freeze up when someone asked for a demo of SpinPicks but I didn’t suck.

Yay for me.

Clapping gif

My pitch?

“Imagine Pinterest and StumbleUpon had an amazingly awesome baby. That’s SpinPicks.”

Since Pinterest yanked their API, Heather amended my pitch to this:

Imagine Pinterest and StumbleUpon had an amazingly awesome baby and then Pinterest went out for cigarettes and never came back.

Shameless plug alert!

Head to Beta.Spinpicks.com and sign up so you can play with SpinPicks and see just how awesome it is. You’ll thank me and curse me all at the same time.

Many pancakes were lobbed at me by the pancake guys [De Wafelbakkers] since our booth was next to theirs and they were funny as hell and their pancakes rock. NOT a paid plug or any of that stuff. They gave me some coupons for free pancakes and all that but, really? You think I’m gonna be all like “PANCAKES MUST EAT NOM” if said pancakes aren’t yummy?

Now my stomach’s growling.

Lots of pitching. Lots of interested people. Lots of eating of pancakes. Lots of eating of great food and drinking of great gin. Lots of time spent with some amazing folks who made me feel like a tiny fish in an ocean of win. Or something. I just confused myself.

And here are some pictures you probably won’t be interested in unless you were at the conference. Except the two of my foot where an old pair of shoes–which I left in the hotel room cause they made me look like I shot myself in the foot–tried to sabotage my trip. The weepy one is my favorite.

Also make sure you catch the one of The Flash and Robin. Apparently Hero Con was in town. I have a post coming up all about that. There shall be ranting.

Then there was the glass that fell out of a building next to our hotel and all the rumors going around about what had actually caused the glass to fall. Here’s the news story about the glass falling.

I’m fairly certain I left some stuff out. I’ll edit and add as I think of new stuff.


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  1. slpowell says

    @TheAmyTucker What? No mention of the AMAZING person who trudged an entire HALF A BLOCK to bring you coffee?? Mmmhmmm…

  2. Wait a minute, I also trudged that half a block for her coffee needs. Was she *gasp* using us?

  3. If I knew you were going to post every random picture I took with your HUGE phone, I would have taken some much more ‘interesting’ pictures…:-)

  4. phollows says

    @TheAmyTucker Good times! // @peterpollock


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