Ben Folds Covers Ke$ha’s Sleazy

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I had Spotify going and Rock This Bitch came on.

I searched YouTube for the video so I could share it with Heather.

It’s far too awesome to not share with you.

You’re welcome.

In the related videos, I found Folds’s cover of Sleazy. I’m both deeply disturbed and fascinated all at the same time.


  1. GeekDadGamer says

    @TheAmyTucker you’re just after his grand piana. #onetrackmind

  2. Jessica Cohen says

    I love Ben Folds.  It doesn’t get better.

  3. amadisonmom says

    Love Ben Folds.  Ryan Lerman is pretty cool too.  (Subscribed to him when we saw him play with Pomplemoose… also awesome.)

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