Ben Folds Covers Ke$ha’s Sleazy

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I had Spotify going and Rock This Bitch came on.

I searched YouTube for the video so I could share it with Heather.

It’s far too awesome to not share with you.

You’re welcome.

In the related videos, I found Folds’s cover of Sleazy. I’m both deeply disturbed and fascinated all at the same time.


  1. GeekDadGamer says:

    @TheAmyTucker you’re just after his grand piana. #onetrackmind

  2. Jessica Cohen says:

    I love Ben Folds.  It doesn’t get better.

  3. amadisonmom says:

    Love Ben Folds.  Ryan Lerman is pretty cool too.  (Subscribed to him when we saw him play with Pomplemoose… also awesome.)

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