Back To School Wardrobe for Cara the Kindergartener

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potential gymboree.com kindergarten haulUp until this year, we’ve never had to worry too much about what either of the kids wore. Sure they had a couple of “dressy” outfits but, for the most part, they hang out in t-shirts. Sometimes they fall asleep in their clothes and wake up the next day fully clothed and Tucker and I sometimes consider this a step saved.

But Cara’s starting school here in the fall and people are going to be seeing her at least five days a week. Guess this means the kid has to be presentable?


Tucker has this thing with Express and I have this thing with him in Ariel Disney Awkward gifExpress jeans–SO not the point of this sentence–and sometimes Tucker will spend entirely too much time perusing the hallowed racks of skinny jeans and whatnot and right across the street/wide aisle mall thingie is Gymboree.

That store is like CRACK to Cara. Not that I’ve ever given crack to Cara. Or have ever been in possession of said crack.
Yo Gaba Gaba Kid Dancing

This post has gone so far from where it was meant to be…

Anyway, I’d managed to put $410.70 worth of adorable clothes into my shopping cart. We are NOT spending that much on clothes for her first year of school. Not only because Tucker’s cheap but also cause all of the clothes I can buy right now are shorts, skirts and tanks. And she would be the best dressed in the house.

So there’s that.

Since Gymboree had an awesome sale going on yesterday, we couldn’t put off the clothes buying any longer and neither he, nor I, had stopped to assess just what she has and what she doesn’t have. Basically we have no idea what we should buy her.

Do we just buy her five dresses and five “bike shorts”–the school specified little girls either had to wear skorts or wear shorts under their dress and skirts–or do we get t-shirts and jeans or do we do some of both and then hope there are some clothes in her closet that won’t make her look homeless?

Quinn Fabray huh gif glee

Want to know how this story ended?

Tucker and I got into it cause he was all like, “I told you we have a limited budget right now! How much is it going to be?” and I was all like, “Well it’s at over $400 right now but obviously I’m not spending that much!” and he was all like, “Look. Just clean the house tomorrow and we’ll deal with this on the 4th.”

And then I threw a dirty pair of jeans at him and I felt better and then I cleared out the shopping cart I had spent 45 minutes filling.

face palm gif


  1. Jennifer Little MacRostie says:

    Dude. Don’t buy ANYTHING until at least next month. Deacon had a huge growth spurt right before school started and all of his pants that I bought in July did not fit him at the end of August.

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