You Can’t Get Rid of Family

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Cara has been giving us ridiculous amounts of attitude recently and when Tucker went to brush her teeth last night she hollered at him that she didn’t need his help and then covered her mouth and screamed at him.
She got a spanking for that and she didn’t get to have stories before bed.That led to her wailing in her bed for 20 minutes before I finally went in to calm her down.”I’m just afraid I’ve been such a bad girl that I’m going to be a foster kid.””Does Mommy holler at Daddy sometimes and get angry with him?” Tucker asked.”Yes…” and she gave us both looks like we were trying to trap her.

“And she hasn’t gotten rid of me yet.”

To which I countered:

“Does Daddy holler at Mommy sometimes and get angry with her?”

Cara had started smiling by that point.

“And he hasn’t managed to get rid of me and he won’t.”

I gave Tucker a very pleased grin–more pleased that he had chosen me and now he’s stuck with me.

“We’re family and you can’t get rid of us.”

She fell asleep soon after.

Can’t wait to see what excuse she comes up with tonight for not going to sleep…

—EDIT since I actually wrote that last night for today—
About an hour after I wrote this, Cara came outside and informed me that her smoke alarm was blinking red and that it was “freaking [her] out.”
Turns out the batter is just now starting to get low and about every two minutes this red dot would show up through the bright green
“It’s just so creepy. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go to sleep again.”


  1. You can, but eventually you run out of room in the basement. /creepy

  2. Jacqui Whitehead says:

    she sounds very clever, you will need to keep a handle on that b/c she will try and wear u down 🙁 but keep being firm. I think sometimes our kids can mature way to early b/c of what they watch on TV or what we watch when they are around they seem to pick up smart arse the best lol I would have commented on your blog but my net is really slow atm and the page wouldn’t load well 🙁 Downloading 😛

  3. Jessica Cohen says:

    Oh, she’s a whip. It sounds like her teenage years are going to be interesting!

  4. ConnieFoggles says:

    I had to laugh at the I’ll never sleep again comment. She’s got the dramatic gene. Good luck!

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