Soul Discussions and Dust: An Elysian Tail

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A while back I downloaded the demo for Dust: An Elysian Tail.  

I had heard nothing but good things from Sm1tty about the game and I didn’t have any cash on me and wanted something solid to play around with while I waited for my next check.

You know a demo’s doing it right when it’s so damn good and pretty you play it multiple times.

Let me take this moment to reach out to creators and studios. [I’m going to act like they’re listening.]

When you put a demo up on Xbox LIVE or PSN, please include more than five minutes worth of gameplay. I’m not asking you to put up HOURS of play; I want at least 15 minutes. If you’re feeling super awesome that day, give me a taste of multiple parts of your game and let them seem seamless–like what happened with Dust.

After having spent so much time with the demo, I quickly realized things weren’t what they had seemed with the demo when I got into the actual game. Some of the abilities I had possessed in the demo were lacking in game; the terrains were different.

What that tells me is Humble Hearts actually gave two shits about showcasing Dust–just enough was shown to leave me wanting more of the story and I wanted to see where the story would take me.

Visually, Dust is…beautiful.

The colors are saturated in parts and muted almost to the point of grey scale in others. This a game where every experience was thoughtfully created.

Even that one place you have to go to get the damn red moss and it’s pitch black and I might have spent two hours getting those dumb “pineapple bombs” up high enough so I could see where I was supposed to be going. Of course, at the time, I didn’t realize I was working toward any goal other than figuring out why it was black up there but had platforms.

Answer? Red moss [side-quest item] and a purty chest.

The lock mechanism of the chests makes me happy.

You know I’m a huge Oblivion/Fallout 3/Skyrim fan. The lock mechanics in those games makes me want to shoot someone with whatever weapon is appropriate for whatever game. And then stomp on their digital faces.

The difficulty with Dust’s lock system is you have to have a key to get a crack at the meat of the super simple button pushing. There’s a time limit but I never had the time run out on me so the time allotted is sufficient.

Fidget is Dust’s smart mouthed sidekick–a requirement in these types of games–and reminds me of Nall from Lunar Silver Star Story. Toy creators? I would like a Fidget doll, please. In time for Christmas. Thanks.

The whole thing is a puzzlesque game that tends to hide the fact it’s a puzzle game. I’m fine with that. I’m not a fan of puzzle games; Myst and I aren’t good friends.

I’m finally–almost–done with Dust. I think I’m currently sitting at 113% completed.

I have two things to finish: the 1000 killstreak and finding all of the captured friends…one friend left and that quest is going to be a doozy.

Since I’ve been playing Dust mainly during the hours Cara’s in school, Ollie’s well versed in the whole Dust story and large sections of plot moved forward while Cara was getting her brain stuffed with somewhat useful information.

This also means that I got through the main game and almost all of the quests in under 14 hours and was just about to fight the final boss right after dinner.

River Song Spoilers gif

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  1. thepsychobabble says:

    I have not played it, but I am intrigued. (And I totally read the whole thing, despite the spoilers warning. HAD TO KNOW)

    • You liked the gif and the second page, right? Just say you did. Otherwise, I’ll be forced to cut you or some such noise.

      Go grab Dust; I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

      The game is really good. Like REALLY good.

  2. Kimberly Douglas Oney via Facebook says:

    I always want to leave a comment but not have to sign into that other site that I had to create an account for, so it looks much better from the glimpse of it.

  3. Kimberly Douglas Oney That makes me sad and happy all at the same time. I so dig talking with folks so it makes me sad folks have been turned off by what I’ve had going on. Think you’ll comment now? No pressure! Genuinely interested. 😀

  4. Charles Colp via Facebook says:

    I will test it tomorrow at work and see if it will now let me post from work. I mean I NEVER read your blog while I am working or anything, but you know just helping out lol.

  5. Charles Colp Liar, liar pants on fire. The Sophie story makes me want to kick her–still–but I’m super proud of the Dust story, hence the link. Note the second page and there are MAJOR spoilers.

  6. Kimberly Douglas Oney via Facebook says:

    Only reason I didn’t comment in the past much is so you didn’t think, who is this girl and why is she reading all my personal stuff haha. Yes! I will comment now. 🙂

  7. Charles Colp says:

    I will definitely have to pick this up soon. It sounds right up my alley. Spoilers and all…..

    p.s. your new comment system works from behind the firewall of death.

  8. I think once I completed everything–except for that blasted 1k killstreak achievement–I was at 26 hours of gameplay. A very nice length if you’re looking for something to play around with especially if kids are in the room. Expect for that ending. And if your five year old is watching and is prone to fits of hysterics. 😀

    And I’m SUPER glad the commenting jobber is working for you.

  9. after playing this, I have to agree it was great fun and something that is missing from the perfect mechanics games a great story line.

  10. My oldest is now playing this game on the 360 and is planning to write a review for the video game show. He is blown away by it so far.

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