Soul Discussions and Dust: An Elysian Tail

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See the fancy second page I added just so you wouldn’t get all butt hurt because the spoilers were too close to the warning.

You’re welcome.

That boss had three [Or is it four?] lives–which blew chunks–and the ending was sad as hell. Prior to Dust, Lunar was the last game I cried over. I played Lunar in high school. I guess the point is I dig Dust and you should dig it as well.


Dust ends up being a soul meshed, super fighter guy whose soul purpose–literally–is to defeat the enemies of the Moonbloods so they can live a peaceful life and rebuild their race.

That’s all well and good except Dust has the memories and some of the personality/tendencies of both the souls he’s holding. But does he also have his OWN soul so he’s holding three? I got myself all confused when I was trying to explain the multiple soul thing to Cara.

“Trying” because Cara was hysterical cause Dust dies at the end.


Have you played Dust? Will you? If you have, what did you think?

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  1. thepsychobabble says:

    I have not played it, but I am intrigued. (And I totally read the whole thing, despite the spoilers warning. HAD TO KNOW)

    • You liked the gif and the second page, right? Just say you did. Otherwise, I’ll be forced to cut you or some such noise.

      Go grab Dust; I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

      The game is really good. Like REALLY good.

  2. Kimberly Douglas Oney via Facebook says:

    I always want to leave a comment but not have to sign into that other site that I had to create an account for, so it looks much better from the glimpse of it.

  3. Kimberly Douglas Oney That makes me sad and happy all at the same time. I so dig talking with folks so it makes me sad folks have been turned off by what I’ve had going on. Think you’ll comment now? No pressure! Genuinely interested. 😀

  4. Charles Colp via Facebook says:

    I will test it tomorrow at work and see if it will now let me post from work. I mean I NEVER read your blog while I am working or anything, but you know just helping out lol.

  5. Charles Colp Liar, liar pants on fire. The Sophie story makes me want to kick her–still–but I’m super proud of the Dust story, hence the link. Note the second page and there are MAJOR spoilers.

  6. Kimberly Douglas Oney via Facebook says:

    Only reason I didn’t comment in the past much is so you didn’t think, who is this girl and why is she reading all my personal stuff haha. Yes! I will comment now. 🙂

  7. Charles Colp says:

    I will definitely have to pick this up soon. It sounds right up my alley. Spoilers and all…..

    p.s. your new comment system works from behind the firewall of death.

  8. I think once I completed everything–except for that blasted 1k killstreak achievement–I was at 26 hours of gameplay. A very nice length if you’re looking for something to play around with especially if kids are in the room. Expect for that ending. And if your five year old is watching and is prone to fits of hysterics. 😀

    And I’m SUPER glad the commenting jobber is working for you.

  9. after playing this, I have to agree it was great fun and something that is missing from the perfect mechanics games a great story line.

  10. My oldest is now playing this game on the 360 and is planning to write a review for the video game show. He is blown away by it so far.

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