I Broke the Toilet

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So this happened last night: Cracked Toilet

Take a look at the bottom of the tank.

See that crack?

The water in the tank really appreciated that crack since that crack made it possible for the water to attack my bathroom and me.

We are now a one toilet house. This sucks.


  1. Rebecca Bik Parker via Facebook says:

    What happened?

  2. I leaned back. Apparently I don’t know my own strength. Or maybe it’s heft? Let’s go w/strength.

  3. Rebecca Bik Parker via Facebook says:

    Oh my. 🙂 Well, at least you are a one-toilet house instead of a zero-toilet house, right? (I am all about seeing the bright side!)

  4. OH! Good point. <(")

  5. (I love this girl. @TheAmyTucker) I Broke the Toilet: http://t.co/431YBJRV

  6. Oh nooooo! Wha’d you chuck at it?

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