NaNoWriMo Day One Halloween and the Halloween Wreath

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Today was the first day of NaNoWrimo and I’m pretty sure I done good.

I met my writing goal for the day–2k words–and identified a bunch of holes I missed. Like three important characters that didn’t have names and two organizations that also didn’t have names. I fixed the people naming issue but the organizations are going to take some work.

Also? Speculum is Latin for mirror.

Raja and Jasmine

Yesterday was Halloween.

I took the kids around the neighborhood while Tucker handed out candy.

Cara and Ollie Halloween 2012

We hit up a lot of houses and kept at it until it got full dark. It was time for baths and bed and I sat the candy bowl on a chair on our front porch and hoped the visiting kids would be nice and share.

I came back out about an hour later to a bare bowl. I hope more than one kid got some candy cause there was A LOT of candy in that bowl when I set it out.

And now it’s November and Thanksgiving is coming up fast. I guess that means I have to make a new wreath…even though I just finished our Halloween wreath.

Halloween Snake Wreath 2012

I think the Halloween wreath is going to hang for a bit. I have a book to write or something.


  1. The longest journey begins with the first step… good for you girlfriend

  2. Horoscope for the day:

    “You might feel like a thoroughbred horse in the starting gate before the race. You have completed so many practice runs on this track that you know every inch of the way and you could do it with your eyes closed. But your frustration can get the best of you before the contest even begins. Learn to play the waiting game now and victory will be yours in due time.”


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