I’m Depressed Maybe Possibly Or Not

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OK. Fine.

I’m depressed. [I got distracted after I wrote that and wandered around the internet before remembering I was supposed to be writing something over here. Oops.]

Reality bores me.

Remember when I wrote that one thing about going off my meds? Well, I did and things were pretty much the way they had been and so whatever, right? Then I started damn NaNoWriMo and felt no urge to write anything over here…which you might have noticed.

That’s actually probably when things started to go downhill. Tons of self-doubt. Family things.

Sad panda

I watched a hell of a lot of Netflix–White Collar–and had numerous inappropriate thoughts about Matt Bomer [I have no regrets.] and read a lot of books.

A lot. Of books.


Reading Pushing Daisies

What’s funny is I enjoyed all that stuff.

A lot.

The internet and writing and all the drama and bullshit didn’t interest me at all. Does that make me depressed? I still enjoyed something, right? If I’m depressed then I wouldn’t enjoy anything, right? I’m confusing myself.

Then again…

Everything sucks

I guess it’s time to make an appointment with my psychologist, huh? Heather isn’t going to leave me alone until I do.


Before anyone asks and for the record and all that, I’m not suicidal. I’m not going to off myself. I’m not even going to run away.

I’m just


  • http://www.home-ec101.com Heather Solos

    Made your appointment yet?

    • http://tastelikecrazy.com/about-me/ Amy @ Taste Like Crazy

      I did! Proud, aren’t ya? Pushy broad…

    • http://www.home-ec101.com Heather Solos


  • http://julieverse.com julie

    you read all those books?? Okay. Wow. that’s a lot of reading.

    Hang in there, Amy. 

  • http://hacscrap.com hchybinski

    Hope you’re hanging in there. . .I think “Meh” is part of “normal” . . .but then, there’s always the possibility I need professional help =)

  • http://twitter.com/ConnieFoggles Connie Roberts

    I’m feeling a bit meh too. Maybe we should start a support group? Or a book club. Love ya!

  • http://www.abbieaw.blogspot.com abbie

    Hi, Amy! I just found you! I know JUST how you feel!! So much so that I totally swiped your cute little bunny at the top of this post. Please feel free to come by my place & swipe anything that looks interesting. (I mean, that’s ethical, right? Reciprocal theft between peers? Right?) Looking forward to comparing notes. :)

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