The Russians Say They’re Coming Back

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So I’m sitting at the computer and being productive as hell [That’s a blatant lie but let’s act like it’s true.] and the doorbell rings.


There’s these two huge Russian dudes standing at the door.


Boris A asks, “Are we too early?” in heavily accented English and laughs over his shoulder to Boris B. It’s a little after 0800 and I have consumed zero coffee and I’m not wearing a bra.

Fur sure

“You’ve got the wrong house,” I tell the Borises.

Boris A looks at his phone and says, “No. We’re supposed to paint here. You sure we have wrong house?”

legend of korra gif

“Um…yeah. Pretty sure you have the wrong house. Sorry. Thanks.”

I go to shut the door and Boris B tells me they know I’m wrong and they’ll be back.

What just happened?



  1. So this happened earlier today:

    The Russians Say They’re Coming Back… http://t.co/bVxTCSCA

  2. ROFL what a way to start off the morning.

  3. “what just happened?!?” LOVE.
    So… did they come back?

  4. ConnieFoggles says:

    I’m glad it’s not just me…strangers always come to my door when I’m not wearing a bra.

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