Lawyer Readers? Free Hypothetical Wreck Advice? Not About Me. Nope.

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Who feels like giving–free–legal advice for a hypothetical situation.

Hypothetical because this SO didn’t happen to me today. At. All.

Dr. Who Ten Nope

MY FRIEND–totally not me–stopped by the gas station outside of Walmart to grab a drink. She parked in front of the kiosk thing and left her kids in the car while she ran a short distance away.

The credit card machine jobber wasn’t working but it took the attendant dude ten minutes to decide the magic wasn’t going to happen. MY FRIEND went back to her SUV and managed to find cash. Back to standing in line and waiting.

The FRIEND was next in line when she heard a wreck over where her SUV was parked. Of course, HER stomach was in her throat since she was worried her kids had just ended up in a wreck.


Kids were safe but some white SUV had either slammed into the trailer hitch of a big, white F250 –possibly F350–or the truck had backed into her. The moral of the story is the side panel of the woman’s SUV was screwed and she saw the FRIEND checking out the wreck.

This cool ass redneck woman in front of me–Fine. It was me. Even I was getting tired of the “friend” routine.–asked if my car had been hit. I pointed to my SUV and told her no and that my kids were in there so we all got lucky. She just smiled at me and her smile fell as the woman, who had been driving the white SUV, came stomping over to us.

“You know this is all your fault, right?! Why would you park there? That’s not a parking spot! Because of YOU, my car is wrecked!”

My stomach was doing all kinds of crazy stuff and my hands were kind of shaking and so was my voice and my scalp was all tingly.

“It wasn’t my fault you were in a wreck, ma’am. There are no signs there stating I can’t park there. There isn’t any red paint on the curb. People park there all the time.”

As I said that last part, I couldn’t help but think about the whole, “If everyone else was jumping off the bridge…” thing.

She started back on her little rant and told me the exact thing again, because I obviously hadn’t heard her the first time, and I just rehashed what I had said.

She said something else and the cool redneck lady cut her off, “Look, lady. She didn’t cause your wreck. You did. This parking lot is always crowded and you weren’t paying attention.”

White SUV “lady” tossed up her hands and stalked off. Redneck lady whispered in my ear, “If she comes asking for your information, you don’t tell her nothing. You just drive off.”

I paid cash for my stuff [the cashier informed me the machine had just started working and asked for my card which was back in my SUV and there was no way I was walking near that woman before I had to] and hightailed it to the truck all while making sure I didn’t look at the White SUV “lady.”

The woman was on her cell when I passed her and I was sure she was on the phone with the cops giving them my plate number or something. I tried calling Tucker but he was in class so didn’t answer so I called Heather. I told her this whole story and she assured me I was A-OK and the wreck wasn’t my fault.

I left Tucker a couple of voicemails letting him know what happened. I ended the last one with, “I’m pretty sure the cops might be looking for me cause that woman probably gave them my license plate number. We should probably talk about this.”

His response?

     “You’re not at fault and she can suck a _ _ _ k.” <–You can figure out that last part.

Highest of fives

So I’m not so worried about the police surrounding the house but what if that woman sees me at Walmart?! Or like Target or something and comes after me? You didn’t see her! She was all vein-in-neck-throbby-crazy person.

Other than that, I’m good, right?


Lawyer readers?


You couldn't ignore me if you tried.




  1. Sue Harviel says:

    I’m not a lawyer, however, I was a registered paralegal for the highest volume ambulance chaser firm in the State of Tennessee for a number of years so I feel qualified to give you a little advise. Not only are you not to blame for the accident but you aren’t even in the “witness to the accident” category. That gal was just looking to blame someone else for her error. As for seeing her out and about in the future, if she approaches you simply walk away. Don’t engage in conversation or respond to her remarks. Simply walk towards the most crowded area you can find as most folks are reticent to start much of a ruckus in front of witnesses. The most important lesson you should learn from all this is never EVER leave your kids in a vehicle even for 2 minutes. Fortunately, your vehicle was not involved in this accident…..but what if the opposite had been true??

    • Sue – Wise legal words especially from the office of an ambulance chaser! While child neglect and child endangerment are serious issues, I think running in to get a soda isn’t necessarily a lesson in the making. The biggest issue I can remember from my mom running into stores was simply being bored to tears in the car! I trust Amy’s decision. She’s an awesome mom.

  2. For starters, Amy, hang in there. People like to pass on blame wherever they can. It was not your fault. You were not operating a vehicle, even if you HAD been parked illegally that’s all you would have been guilty of.

    Secondly, re: leaving the kids in the car. It’s only in the last fifteen years or so that parents started bringing their kids in every dang place they go. I know my sisters and I spent time in the car while our mom ran into the store for something quick -obviously not a big shopping, but a we just need milk. Society hasn’t changed much, crimes against children has dropped, our awareness of it has grown. . . Nothing makes me more irritated than when I hear “Nowadays you can’t be too careful.” Now the only reason you can’t be too careful is because you’ll be publicly crucified if there is a hint that maybe,possibly you could have possibly done something more or different. You can’t eliminate risk from life, you can make yourself and everyone around you miserable trying too hard to minimize it.

    We were rear ended last month, at a fairly high rate of speed. I was in the car. My being in the car did not cause or save my kids from harm. Having been in the parked car would not have caused or saved your children from any harm IF something had happened.

    There are always what ifs. What if you had taken the kids into a convenience store and it was robbed? You made a reasonable choice as a parent. No one was hurt. Life goes on. poo te weet

  3. Melanie says:

    I was just coming to to say what Heather already said very well. The accident wasn’t your fault (and I agree with Tucker). As for the kids being alone, if your Wal-Mart gas kiosk things are like ours, you were probably 6-8 feet away from them, which probably still means you win since my parents never buckled us in — ever. The whole thing was a mess, but you weren’t at fault in any instance that I can see.

  4. I think the real lesson to be learned here is to stay away from the crazy. Especially near a Walmart.

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