I’m Getting Shocked Tomorrow

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Shocked by wallsocketLike shocked-shocked. Literally. 

With electricity.

I’m not down for the shock thing. Ever. 

No, I do not want to put my tongue across your battery. (That’s not a euphemism though it totally should be.) Once is enough for me, thanks. 

That hot wire around your pasture? I am not touching it to see if it’s hot. Feel free to do that task yourself. 

I learned my lesson about tinkering with my electronic gadgets when I got shocked (twice) by my old Nikon camera. If you haven’t read about THAT sucktastic fun experience, you can laugh at me by following this nifty link to my Spare Parts post

Electricity should stay in my gadgets and not conducted through my body. 

Unlike when I took it upon myself to be all superhero camera fixer person, I’m going to be PAYING someone to shock me. More specifically, shock the nerves in my arms.

This is going to suck so much. 

While I was hanging at my doctor’s office because my Ear Ebola was persisting (and I might have found five pills of untaken Cipro about two weeks too late), fingers on my right hand went numb. This isn’t an “Oops! I accidentally cut off the blood flow to my hand. Pins and needles! Pins and needles!” 

network neuronsNope.

This is just a dead-finger feeling. There’s no pain but sometimes I drop stuff and when they’re dead, I can’t write very well. Nerves are important, yo!

I have peripheral neuropathy. Correction: I haven’t been diagnosed with that but that’s what it is. 

I shake my hands. Move my shoulders around. Feeling magically comes back and I go on with solving the great problems of humanity. And stuff. 

Unfortunately for my now-self, I decided it would be a fantabulous time to inform my doc. Should have kept my mouth shut. 

My doctor thinks I have carpal tunnel syndrome (which makes sense since I spend an exorbitant amount of time at a keyboard) but to complicate matters, I have pretty bad shoulder bursitis in both shoulders and that condition could also be pinching hand nerves (I’m feeling so medical right now…and too lazy to remember any of my anatomy classes to give you a real word for the nerve. Or google it. LAZY!). Add to all that numbness between my shoulders and I say I have a pretty good case for, “HEY! I don’t have carpal tunnel schtuff! I have My Shoulders Are Jacked!’ syndrome.”

What does my doctor know? Not like he went to school for a long time or was/is well-respected in Ireland where he was a big, important  doctor dude.

Back to the shocking part. *shudders*

I’m having (like I’m ordering a ribeye medium rare or something) a nerve conduction velocity test. What it measures would super cool–read at the link if you’re interested–if I wasn’t the one having the test. 

This right here is why I generally keep my trap shut about weird things happening to my body. Bad. Things. Happen. When. I. Talk.

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