37 First Grader Books For Valentine’s Day

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37 First Grader Books for Valentine's Day What’s pretty sad is I just now realized I haven’t talked about the Owlsome Readers program that’s currently in full swing at Cara and Ollie’s school.

The reason this is so sad? I’m the Publicity Chair/Coordinator for the whole shebang.

Dang it!

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Here’s a snippet (which I wrote) of the official press release for the program:

Owlsome Readers is a five-week intensive reading program for all first graders at Goldsmith-Schiffman Elementary. The program focuses on fostering a lifelong love of reading by providing incentives for chapters and books read during the program.

Incentives for the program include a t-shirt, books and goody bags. Each Friday, students receive a donated treat (like a bookmark) and a poem for encouragement and to recognize their efforts. Guest readers, from the community, read to the students each week.

I originally started putting this list together for Owlsome Readers but figured you might find it useful, too. Feel free to like Owlsome Readers on Facebook and check out the Owlsome Readers site!

Because you’re an awesome person. 

A little note on why I included AR information: the kids at our school take AR (Accelerated Reader) tests. My reasoning (Cara approved) is that if the kids are going to be reading anyway, why not make sure the books they’ve read are books they can take their AR quizzes on. This is by no means a requirement of a program…just something Cara and I think is a nifty idea.

Even if your kid’s school doesn’t administer AR tests, you have a bunch of books to choose from if you’re looking for Valentine’s Day themed books. 

Info on the AR Reading Levels if you’re not familiar with the numbers, 1.0 correlates to first grade at the first month of first grade. 3.8 would correlate to third grade, eight month. Make sense? 

Onto the lists! Woo hoo! 

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AR Reading Level .8 – 1.9

AR Reading Level 2.0 – 2.9

AR Reading Level 3.0 – 3.9

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