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Almost Lost Sophie This Morning

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Sophie the Wonder Pit Bull 4.17.13

Know what's fun? Being woken up by a dog that sounds like she's about to puke and then screams as she jumps off the bed. Lots of fun, let me tell you; I didn't go back to sleep. I ushered the old lady out back (She kept her tail tucked the whole time.) and once I was ...

Happy Ten Years, Sophie the Wonder Pit Bull!

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Sophie the Wonder Pit Bull 10 Year Birthday

Today is Sophie the Wonder Pit Bulls tenth birthday! I saw this dumb dog be born. I put up with Tucker's bitching about her when she always chose his clothes to pee in when she was a puppy. Not to mention all of the things she destroyed because she decided to embrace her terrier side which ...

Sophie the Pit Bull Ate a Box of Chicken Juice

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Sophie the Pit Bull is Guilty!

All of Cara's permission slips are due for her field trip[link] tomorrow so today was Errand Day. The way things work when we get ready to leave the house is I make sure Ollie's gone to the bathroom, I make sure he's put his pants back on, I grab my phone, I make sure our bathroom door ...

Happy Ninth Birthday, Sophie

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Sophie the Pit Bull

Is it bad that I had to search the site for "Happy Birthday, Sophie" so I could remember how old the dog turned yesterday? As we were getting ready for bed, Tucker stuck his head out of the bathroom and said, "You realize that dog's TEN now, right? "No. She's nine. Really. I think. OK. ...

Get a Second Vet Opinion and Sophie the Pitbull Doesn’t Have Cancer

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I don't even know where to start and I'm hesitant to even begin but, as I'm typing this, I fully realize I've already begun so I might as well keep going. Right? This is where you're wondering what the hell I'm not wanting to start but have already started. Let's just get to it, shall ...

Sophie Channels Her Inner Toy Table – Video

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Since I blamed Sophie the Pitbull for giving us kennel cough and then drugged her up on hydrocodone and generally maligned her, I figured I would post a video of Sophie being a very good dog. I mean, it's not like she uses the computer anymore but at least this makes me feel better.

Maybe Sophie Gave Us All Kennel Cough?

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When I wrote about my eye trying die, I never expected I would still be experiencing crud. But it's a different crud and everyone in the house is affected. Including Sophie. I've decided to blame Tucker for getting Sophie sick. There's no scientific merit to said blame but it's fun. So anyway, Sophie started coughing night before ...

Sophie: A Bath

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Sophie the Pitbull before her bath

Just about this time eight years ago, Tucker and I were living in the ghetto--or about as ghetto as Jonesboro, AR can get--and were enjoying the oblivion of working mindless jobs and chilling at the pool with various alcoholic drinks and friends. Sophie was about four months old and would run around the pool and bark ...

Happy Eighth Birthday, Sophie the Pit Bull

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It's times like these when I wish I could poof Sophie into an eleven year old girl for fifteen minutes so I could thoroughly mortify her with this picture. Instead, I'll have to settle with giggling at my cleverness and petting the old ass dog. Happy birthday, Sophie. I'm glad you're not dead.

Sophie, The Goat Pit Bull, Ate Two Pounds of Homemade Caramel

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Sophie is a goat. No, no she's not. She's really a pit bull but considering all the stuff she eats--that's not food--she has to have an ancient goat ancestor. Consider it a part of the fossil record yet undiscovered. There was the time, she was about ten weeks old, when she ate part of a broken beer ...