The Kids’ Gardens Win the Garden Sprouting Contest

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Cooling racks below the seed starting pots.

One of the things I was most excited about when I planned on starting a garden was getting the kids involved. Caroline and Oliver will eat vegetables but both kids would much rather the vegetables be covered in cheese and, while cheese IS quite yummy, the cheese tends to cancel out the healthful benefits of ...

Raw Food Recipe: Avocado and Rainbow Swiss Chard Salad

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Swiss Chard

I was talking with Heather earlier and she mentioned she had #HomeChat coming up tonight on Twitter and I inquired as to what these homechatters would be discussing. Raw foods. Hold on, here. Raw? People aren't supposed to eat raw bacon. Doesn't Heather Solos know this?! Now this is funny to me but Heather will be rolling her eyes ...

I Might Have Ordered Too Many Seeds for My First Garden

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TONS of seeds for the garden

And by "might" I mean "most likely and probably closer to definitely." I've been waiting on my seeds to get here for a few days now and as each day passed, I got more and more excited about the PURPLE bell peppers--Who knew there even was such a thing?!--and the green and yellow striped tomatoes and ...

Gardening Obsession

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Victory Garden vintage poster

I tried to grow things when we were in the apartment and I managed to grow an impressive cache of purple basil I bought at Target on a whim. I have no clue as to what variety it was but it looked like these Dark Purple Opal Basil plants. That stuff grew like crazy and ...