When Just About Everything In Our House Fell Apart

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This has been a very destructive and expensive bit of time. The navigator in my SUV goes all wonky sometimes and decides to run off of battery power instead of its adapter. When it does that, it goes big time dead. The kind of dead where you have to take it out of the SUV and ...

Ukulele Orchestra Video Made of Awesome

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Everyone has their way of winding down from the day. Cara and Ollie like to freak the hell out for no reason cause they get punchy when they get tired so they wind down by driving us crazy. Sophie does this weird slurpy, licking thing and it's just...yeah. Sophie, stop that? I sit on the back ...

Apparently I’m the Singing Target English Teacher

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Ollie Loves Cheese–A Video

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Just about every morning I wake to find at least one kid in bed with us. Obviously, at some point during the night, the kids are getting out of their beds, wandering around the house and then finally ending up in our bed. The wandering around the house thing hadn't been a concern since they pretty ...

Ben Folds Covers Ke$ha’s Sleazy

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I had Spotify going and Rock This Bitch came on. I searched YouTube for the video so I could share it with Heather. It's far too awesome to not share with you. You're welcome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSecr22waoE In the related videos, I found Folds's cover of Sleazy. I'm both deeply disturbed and fascinated all at the same time. http://youtu.be/uN1nD_mftaI

Phoning It In with a Video – EA In a Nutshell

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We bought a new computer and I've been playing Sims so I haven't written anything--Way to state the obvious, right? I'm phoning this one in with this video about EA. The video might be a bit harsh and I'm not boycotting EA--cause that's pretty damn dumb--but there is some truth contained herein.

Noah Cover of “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO

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Tucker showed me this last night and it's the perfect follow-up to the Tucker’s Speedo and His Obsession with Sexy and I Know It post. Maybe it's just me but the cover's better than the original.

Tucker’s Speedo and His Obsession with Sexy and I Know It

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While I'm at the Type-A conference this summer, Tucker and the kids will be at the beach with his family. Tucker has threatened to wear this: Any of these adequately express my feelings. I'm sure you're asking: "But why, Amy?! Why would he embarrass himself and all of humanity and adorable kittens by wearing something like that ...

My Favorite Songs From The Hunger Games Soundtrack and The Civil Wars

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I have to apologize to everyone on Facebook who is one of my friends. I'm sorry I've been playing The Civil Wars repeatedly on Spotify and that you have to see every time I replay so song. In my defense, it all started with an obsession with The Hunger Games soundtrack and then morphed into ...

Kids React to Skype Laughter Chain Video

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I'm going to make your Friday even better than it already is.