This is my blog disclaimer. Basically it is my attempt to cover my ass and let you know what’s going on with my website. BUT, I’m not a lawyer and though I am a very, very smart person, I know that this isn’t perfect…just really close.

Truth in Blogging

I do my best to write the truth as I see it. You may not agree with what I write and you may not think that what I write is the truth but you have your opinions and I obviously have mine. At the time that I write something, the links and facts are as correct and awesome as I can make them-at that time. Things change. Links get broken and pages get removed. I’m not responsible for stuff that changes after I write it.

Lack of Perfection of Me

Despite what I may think in my little mind, I’m not perfect and yes [gasp] I do make mistakes. I try not to but, alas, I am only human.

Picture Policy

When I post pictures on my website, I either own them or I say where I got the pictures. I don’t steal images and don’t like images stolen from me. Ask permission before you grab images off of my site and I’ll do the same for you.

Not My Fault if You Break Your Stuff

I don’t offer downloads on this site and if you somehow download something from my site and it does something wonky to your computer then that’s not my fault.

Libel and Defamation Stuff

Everything that I write is opinion-plain and simple. I’m a general nice kind of chic and nothing I write is meant to “malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual,” [I got that little quote from BlogHerald]. Sometimes I use strong language but that’s because I like to cuss and I usually have strong opinions.

I’m Responsible for What I Say and No One Else Stuff

My opinions are just that-mine. I don’t represent any organization, group, employer, country, planet, secret society, [insert thing here that I could represent that I don’t]. While I may, at some point, receive sponsorships or get paid to represent a company, that generally isn’t the case and when/if it that happens I’ll disclose that relationship. No one is responsible for my opinions other than me. Hopefully I’ve said that enough to make my point.

My Comment Policy Stuff

I welcome comments on my blog/website. Though I might not agree with you, I like reading what you have to say and am pretty loose about moderating comments. Just like I enjoy writing what I think, I know that you do as well and think that it’s important to have an honest discussion without fear of being censored. That being said, I’m not responsible for the comments that are posted on my website. I will not be held liable for something that someone else said on my website. If they break the laws of my country or theirs with what they write then that’s not my fault either. I’m a writer not a lawyer and don’t have the expertise to know what is illegal. Their comments are theirs and they [not me] are responsible for those comments.

Do No Harm Stuff

I never intend to harm anyone. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am not an expert on anything. If you take my advice on something then you’re doing it at your own risk. I write what I believe to be true and factual but like I stated earlier, I’m human and therefore subject to mistakes. I will not be held responsible for any harm that comes from you following my advice.

I Make $ Doing This Stuff

I accept products for review. I don’t pay for those products. They are sent to me at no cost to me. Sometimes I also get paid for reviewing something. I consider this payment for a service not payment for a positive review. I write my honest [sometime harsh] opinion. When a company asks me to review something for them, they understand that I will give my actual opinion be that positive or negative. You should know that I write what I think and though I may receive compensation for those opinions, they are not influenced one way or the other. Though I have not in the past, from this point forward, I will disclose if I have been paid to review something and how I obtained the product. For clarification, if I am paid to review a product I will state that I have been monetarily compensated for my opinion but the wording probably won’t be that formal. I will not disclose the dollar amount as I don’t think that’s any of your business. If I received a product for free then that will be disclosed as well.

Copyright Stuff

Everything on my website is mine. Don’t steal it, take it, borrow it, take it and change it and then call it your own. It’s mine and I’m stingy. If you take something that’s mine, I will tell everyone about it on this website and will probably Twitter about it and will be very unhappy with you. You can cite me as a source with an excerpt of my website but you must ALWAYS link back to me. No exceptions. If you have any questions about my copyright then you should contact me via my contact page or via email: Crazy@TasteLikeCrazy.com.

Current Professional Relationships

I only maintain profession relationships with companies I’m passionate about. If I’m featuring their stuff, that means I’ve used it and I really like it.

Hopefully I’ve been clear and “transparent” with this disclosure. I reserve the right to change it at anytime and without any warning. This is my website and I can do that kind of thing.