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Can I Get an Inhaler with that Dandelion?

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Does this picture offend you? I really can’t decide, so I want you guys to decide for me. [ok…not really] Whether you formula feed or breastfeed, you can’t deny the superiority of breastmilk to formula. I’m not passing judgment. I’m not pointing fingers. I’m just stating a fact. From an advertising standpoint, this ad works…unless it pisses you off and ...

Assassin’s Creed, I Love You

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Dear Reader, I am about to write about a video game. [I might write a lot] If you would rather not read about said video game, might I direct you here [post about homemade baby-food] or here [where I compare and contrast Ferber and Pantley] or maybe even here [conversation about anal bleaching]. Smoochie, Amy *************************************************************** Well, now that that is ...

This Much I Know

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I like lists. They’re easy to scan, they get right to the heart of whatever you’re writing about and they look nice. This is my truncated list of things that I know; my list of things that I don’t know would take too long to write. I know that eating a big ole bucket of extra crispy KFC ...

Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane?

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It’s a sippy-cup! Cool, huh? I was over at mod*mom this morning and she has an announcement about Boon releasing some really cool toddler meal time items. We have the Frog Pod and love it and I’m getting really excited to see these new things in the stores. I think that they’re cool and figured that you might too.

Pan’s Labyrinth and KFC

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Man, Friday was one of those days. I was having business issues that required emails back and forth and the issue still isn’t resolved. In the middle of the emails, my cable went out…Tucker went ahead and got it disconnected. [Refer here] Add to all of that the fact that I had gotten no sleep the night ...

Always Amazingly Awesome Montero

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Dear Lola, How is it that you rock so much? Not only are you amazingly dependable, you manage to transport all of my crap and I love you for that. Though some may scoff at your large size and chastise me for having such a large vehicle, you and I know that your size is an asset not ...

Campaign to Prevent “Name” Tattoos

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How many of you guys have tattoos? Come on, raise your hands. Now, how many of you have a “name tattoo”? I won’t laugh, I promise. Haven’t you heard that it’s bad juju to have someone’s name tattooed on you? Think of this as a public service announcement of sorts. My friend Alana recently got a tattoo ...

The Britney Spears Interview

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Have you gotten in your latest issue of Allure? I’m not usually a fan [got the subscription as a gift] but I have to say that the “interview” with Britney Spears is worth the cover price. Did you just shudder a bit when you read that cause I almost threw-up in my mouth when I typed it. But, ...

Worst Mom Ever!

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I turned off the baby monitor this morning. When? Yeah, not so sure about that little detail. I know that I turned it off after midnight since that’s when I broke Harry’s spell on me. I woke up this morning at 7:30 and Cara was pissed!  Her door was closed and I could still hear her from our room. I ...

Cake and Harry Potter

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You know what I like? I like it when I screw-up and it turns out good. Yesterday, in between reading book 7 of the Harry Potter Series, I made a chocolate cake from scratch. One of those jobbers that your grandma probably made that’s so thin and runny when you put it in the oven that ...

Ducking Rocks

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Duck gif

I’m really going to piss a lot of you off by admitting this, but I agree with this. Now, hold on. Before you start throwing stones, give me a chance. “If women spent more time doing stuff, as opposed to staring in the mirror, they could accomplish great things. Unfortunately, women no longer want to be the ...

Ming-Ming Should Die and Other Random Things

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Do you recognize these three? They’ve invaded my TV this morning and they refuse to leave. Damn baby animals and their horrible singing. Am I the only one who finds it odd that the duck’s name is Ming-Ming…which sounds Asian…and Asians eat duck. OK…technically, I guess anyone can eat duck, but I had Fragrant Crispy Duck last ...