Campaign to Prevent “Name” Tattoos

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How many of you guys have tattoos? Come on, raise your hands.

Now, how many of you have a “name tattoo”? I won’t laugh, I promise.

Haven’t you heard that it’s bad juju to have someone’s name tattooed on you?

Think of this as a public service announcement of sorts.

My friend Alana recently got a tattoo of her hubby’s name on her ankle [Hi Alana!] and the husband of another friend got her name on his chest.

What happens if they get a divorce? (I don’t think that I’m being a pessimist…maybe a realist?)

But I think it’s more than that for me. I think it really boils down to it being bad luck. Why risk it?

I won’t get Tucker’s name tattooed on me for the same reason that I knock on wood and hold my breath while I pass cemeteries…I’m superstitious.

While I’m on the subject of “name” tattoos, if you have one, email me a picture and I’ll post it here with a link to your site. I’m interested to see some of these things.

Anyway, uninked masses, if you’re considering a tattoo, please get something other than someone’s name. Please?

Now, I’m off to buy a rabbit’s foot and read my horoscope.