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No More Pills

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I quit my birthcontrol yesterday. NO, I am NOT trying to get pregnant again. Not yet anyway. I guess a bit of back story is in order. I had Cara in November of 2006. [That sounds like so long ago!] The “baby weight” came off almost immediately and after a couple of months, the ole body was ...

Bath Time Fun

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Well, last night was Tucker’s first night at the second job; things went much better than I had expected. Tucker had to be at the job by 6pm, so when he left, Cara and I were having dinner. The poor kid’s eyes were rimmed in red and I could tell that she needed to have an ...

Baby Gate AKA Baby Joke

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Two things have become very apparent to me today. #1 My child thinks that baby gates are a joke. #2 My child thinks that NO! is a joke. Oh, the joys of having a toddler. Wait. Did I just write “toddler”?! Aren’t kids supposed to be like 14 months or something before they’re considered toddlers? Would you please tell Cara ...

Big List of Baby Junk

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*Note - A lot of these links are broken because this is an old post. I'll update them real soon. Promise.* There have been all kinds of “baby essential” lists popping up in blogland like here and here. Reading their lists got me to thinking about my own list and what I wish someone had told me ...


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I’m talking about me, not Cara. I got no [ok…very little] sleep last night and I’m amazed at how quickly my body forgot what it feels like to run on only about four hours of sleep. Damn, the kid has me spoiled! I had totally gotten used to being in bed by 10 pm and waking up to ...

Putting Out Fires

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Before I became a mom, I made grandiose plans for enriching family time activities and warm, fuzzy moments of true togetherness. Picture an unholy mix of June Cleaver, The Waltons and a dash of Body Language. Reality has caught up with me and is laughing its ass off. I find myself with an extremely active nine month old, ...

How My Adoption Changed Me as a Mom

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When I was two days old, I was adopted. My mother (the woman who adopted me) had suffered an ectopic pregnancy which had rendered her infertile. My parents raised me to the best of their abilities and though I didn’t have what anyone would call an “easy” childhood, I know that I am fortunate to have ...

But I Wanted to Cook Breakfast!

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Cara and I got up a bit late today (7:30) and for some reason, I was in a rip roaring mood to cook us bacon and eggs. You know what I’m talking about. Fry the bacon up until it’s golden and then you plop in a couple of eggs until the edges are crisp. My mouth ...

Is Baby Einstein Evil?

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Baby Einstein, you’ve been getting some bad press here lately. Are you feeling unloved? I’ve noticed a lot of press recently concerning the Baby Einstein series of videos and its friends. Do the videos really slow learning and lead to ADD/ADHD? Dr. Christakis seems to think so and he’s a doctor so he’s got to ...


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The guy who killed himself on Friday was a co-worker of Tucker’s. I had met him once and found him charming. He was a good looking, tattooed guy who seemed to be very polite, if a bit “twitchy”. His parents found him in their garage; he had pulled his car into the garage, shut the door ...

Sad Day

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A person that I didn’t really know that well committed suicide on Friday; I found out today. I’m not especially sure why I feel the need to tell you this, but maybe I just need to explain why there has been no posting up in here. I’ll write something witty tomorrow. Promise.

You Searched for It Now Here It Is

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I was going over my site traffic and decided to share with you some of the best search traffic that I’ve gotten today. You see, I feel a bit guilty when someone searches for something, ends up here and I have the answer for them. So, to the people who searched for these little gems, this is ...