The Goat

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If I wasn’t well acquainted with my angel’s [cough] father, I could probably be convinced that he was a goat.

Case in point:

Not only does she insist on climbing on everything, she also eats everything.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that I don’t have a picky eater. She’ll eat anything I put in front of her. [except acorn squash]

But paper?

Dog food??

Wood chips?!

Come on!!!

I don’t mean that she just puts it in her mouth to “taste” it. NO! I mean she eats it. Over the lips, past the gums, watch out stomachhere it comes!

While I’m on the subject of climbing and eating, Cara’s taken to climbing on her toybox to get to books that are supposed to be out of her reach. They used to be out of her reach…I’m not quite sure what happened.

Once she reaches said books, she eats them. Corners, pages, binding, she doesn’t seem to much care.

If I knew that her destructive book eating was a sign of literary interest then maybe I would cut her some slack.

But, man! The voraciousness of her destruction leads me to worry that I have a book burner in the making.

Hide the lighters!