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Thieving Elves

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Did I tell you about the criminal elves we have in Florida? Yeah, it’s a huge news story down here. On Christmas Day, a group of the sneaky bastards managed to get past Tucker, Cara, the dogs, the cat and me and stole our baby monitor receiver. That’s right, folks. Stole it. It’s either that scenario or Cara ...

I Hope that Tonight is Better

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Last night was a tough night. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve bathed Cara and after a bit of playtime, have told her that it’s bedtime and to find Ugly Dog and to head on into her room. She fusses and bitches, but follows me into her room, nonetheless. I nurse her and lay her on ...

New Perspective

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We had to go get groceries today. We were to that point where you start being “creative” when making dinner and Rice-A-Roni becomes the main course. [Don’t judge! You know you’ve been there.] As we meandered around Target, Cara was being a rock star and she was completely engrossed by a box of Pop Tarts. I was struck ...

The Many Mishaps of Yesterday

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I’ve bitched written about all of our family being 16 hours away and how Christmas just didn’t feel right. But, despite my Grinchesqe feelings, I still planned a kick ass dinner and wrapped Cara’s presents. Yesterday started just like any other day. Cara got up early, we all snuggled in bed for a few minutes ...

Merry Christmas

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Here’s to hoping that Santa didn’t bring you coal and switches.

Early Merry Christmas To Us

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I just got some really good news from my mom. As I’ve written many times in the past, we’re trying to find a house to buy when we move back to Arkansas. I have the pre-approval financing paperwork sitting on my desk right now. I know I need to fill it out, but right now I think ...

40 Dollar Goose

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What’s wrong with me today, guys? I have been nothing but an evil bitch all day. I’m sure part of it is due to the horrible traffic and the fact that the weather won’t decide what it’s doing; one day it’s 80 and the next it’s in the 40s. Is it too much to ask for a ...

Jingle Cats

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I'm going to hell for posting this:

Random Because I Need More Coffee

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I’ve made a new discovery. As with all of my “discoveries” I’m a bit late to the party. Oh well. It’s new to me. My discovery is Google Trends. Have you heard of this? Click on that link [it won’t close this window] and look at some of the things that people are searching. The things that are ...

Catching Up

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Mom left about three hours ago. She’s been here since Saturday or Sunday and we’ve had a pretty good visit. Yesterday, Cara, Mom and I all went down to St. Augustine and walked ourselves stupid; my feet still hurt. I just felt like bitching a bit. *** From now on you won’t be reading about my feelings on ...

Looking for Balance

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Reading The Middle Place has gotten me to think about “the middle place”. That place where everyone knows you are an adult; you know you are an adult but you try to forget that fact. You have a husband and child and your own new family yet you still need your parents’ approval. I wonder if you ever ...

It’s Cleaning Time

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It’s cleaning time, kiddos. Kind of like “business time“, but not…that would really be a completely different type of post. Mom’s supposed to be here tomorrow or Sunday. [I can’t really remember] I know that she’s leaving for here early Saturday morning. I also know that the state of the apartment ain’t gonna cut it. Normally, ...