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We Always Take It Too Far

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A deep and meaningful conversation between Sarcastic Mom and myself. Enjoy.

Six Random Things

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Six random things about me since Follow That Dog asked. I spend about twelve hours a day on the computer and most of that is spent working. Right now is the only time that I've ever enjoyed wearing a swimsuit. I feed my child still frozen blueberries every morning because she is obsessed with them. I miss riding horses. I ...

Ugly Crier

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Last night my eyes were a bit swollen and I had snot running down to my top lip.  [I'm an ugly crier.] I was watching the Pausch story on ABC and every time he came on the screen, I started crying again. I must admit that I had never heard of the man until the story broke ...

Then and Now

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My original intention with this post was to show you JUST HOW BIG I'VE GOTTEN[!!!]. I have this basketball sized thing on the front of me and it moves independently of the rest of my body.  I know that there are feet somewhere down there but I haven't seen them in a while and the pressure ...

Pink Haired Amazon

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Do you know this lady? A while back I bought her off of eBay from some "mommy blogger" and I don't remember who.  All I DO remember is that the blogger wrote a funny post about putting this pink haired lady on eBay and I just couldn't help myself. The reason I ask is I'd like to ...

Picking Up Chicks

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Chick, man.

Tucker got home from school yesterday and we were discussing our days. His was spent trying to strong-arm his way into a finance class and mine was spent solving site issues and chasing Cara. What I found particularly special was the fact that my entire day was summarized into about five minutes worth of talk while the ...

Run for the Hills

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The enormity of what we're about to undertake is about to drive me crazy. This kid's due to be born sometime in September and I just can't seem to get my head around that fact.  I look at our place and the absolute lack of any baby stuff.  I keep getting bogged down with all of ...

F U Friday

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This week has been a pretty good week.  I was able to write a "positive" post yesterday and was somewhat concerned that F U Friday was going to be dead before it even had a chance to start. I was wrong. Since yesterday was a list and I LOVE lists I'll make this one a list as ...

Yup, I Know.

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I know that my blog is wonky and I thank you for your kind emails and DM via Twitter. I must leave redesign to go and do family stuff so I promise to fix everything in a few.

Today Isn’t Half Bad

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Life doesn

I know I'm a big ole whiny ass and all of that BUT you keep coming back.  SO, you either enjoy reading my bitching OR you enjoy my OVERUSE of capitalization.  [It's definitely the last one.] There's been tons of stuff posted on the internet recently on the heels of Blogher about being a positive influence ...

Sailor Cara

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Kind of like Sailor Jerry but Sailor Jerry doesn't wake you up at 5 am.

ADD or Stream of Consciousness

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Today is a study in ADD. You have no idea what I'm talking about so I shall explain. This morning my mom called and asked Cara and me to breakfast - Cracker Barrel.  [Give me a break, ok?  This is the South and it's a law that you must eat at Cracker Barrel at least once a ...