Six Random Things

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Six random things about me since Follow That Dog asked.

  1. I spend about twelve hours a day on the computer and most of that is spent working.
  2. Right now is the only time that I’ve ever enjoyed wearing a swimsuit.
  3. I feed my child still frozen blueberries every morning because she is obsessed with them.
  4. I miss riding horses.
  5. I LOVE to cook but HATE doing dishes.
  6. I really dislike that people are scared of my dog.  She’s scared of Chihuahuas for Christ sake! [I had to Google how to spell chihuahua.]

There.  Six [actually seven] absolutely random things about me.  I shant tag anyone because I don’t play fair, but, if you just really feel the need, I guess you could post six random things about yourself for fun.

And make sure you use commas as freely as I have.