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My Website is Aptly Named

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I have been relatively sane for a while now. I attribute this temporary sanity to the fact that I'm pregnant and pregnancy seems to agree with my brain. Sure, I've been a tad more angry than I normally would be but it's not like I'm constantly pissed off [just on Fridays from now on]. But the crazy train ...


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Dinner Fit for a KANG!

This is going to sound totally asinine, but I made dinner tonight. It's been like a month since I actually cooked a dinner.  Somehow we've managed to be invited out to lunch or dinner quite a lot in the past few weeks and we have had mad leftovers from those invites.  And of course, there have ...

F U Fridays

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Who really wants to read nothing but bitching all day, every day?  I know that I don't and furthermore, I don't like writing it.  But, as an angry pregnant woman, I can't seem to help myself. I'm sure that once this pregnancy has run its course, I will blame my bitching on being an angry mom ...

I’m All Sold Out

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Smoking Harlot

Am I a sellout or "money grubbing whore" because I run ads on my site? WIkipedia defines sellout like this: "Selling out refers to the compromising of one's integrity, morality and principles in exchange for money, 'success' or other personal gain. It is commonly associated with attempts to increase mass appeal or acceptability to mainstream society. A ...

Hippo Eats Dwarf

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I found this news story on http://kensingtonvictoria.com/ and laughed my ass off.  I'm going to hell for laughing but it is funny.

Rockin’ the Chuck Taylors

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This picture is a prime example of how when you want your kids to wear something they won't. When you don't want your kids to wear something or it's not the time for them to wear something then you can't pry their grubby hands from the item.

Impromptu Trip

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This weekend sucked.  How's that for a great introductory sentence? Tucker was in Millington at Drill and Cara and I were at home.  For some reason, him leaving on Friday night really had an affect on me and Cara seemed to be more affected than last time.  To keep from moping around the house all Saturday, ...

Family Bathroom

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I try telling myself that I'm not constantly pissed off this pregnancy, but alas, that's a big fat lie. Something about this fetus makes me ready to go at the drop of a hat. [Don't fuck with me; I'll cut ya.] Hence the post about the baby shower and hence this post. We went to Target ...

Disassemble It

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Pregnant and Ranting

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We all understand the basic concept of a baby registry.  Right? Pregnant women and adopting parents sign up at a store of their choosing for the items that they want.  Then friends and family carefully select the largest, least expensive item on the list.  [Biggest bang for your buck] If for some reason you either can't access ...

Definitely Need to Go Grocery Shopping

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This morning was one of those mornings when you wake up and realize that you're out of food.  When I say "out of food" I mean that what is in the fridge probably should have been tossed last month and what's not growing a new civilization is a condiment. Cara, the fetus and I all needed ...


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