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Someone’s Having a Very Bad Day

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I'm not quite sure where the rest of her is located but I do know that she's having a very bad day.

Making Progress

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We went to the OB yesterday for my weekly visit. My doc got to meet my vagina which is always a fun experience and I must say that he has to be the most efficient "checker" I've ever met.  [The whole thing lasted less than 15 seconds.] Apparently I'm 1-2 cm dilated but Oliver's head is still ...

But We Have 248 Diapers!

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This weekend, my in-laws went to Sams Club and bought us a butt load of diapers.  [248 to be exact.] Sweet! Tucker and I discussed the whole toilet training thing and poo-pooed the idea of introducing it before Oliver is born.  We figured that the second she saw a new baby in diapers then she'd be all ...

Henry the Snake

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Fall Tease

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The kennel door is open...promise.

What does this picture say to you?  [The kennel door is open, by-the-way.] To me, it means that the end of the summer is getting damn close and the beginning of Fall is on its way. Let me explain. We live in Arkansas and Arkansas is usually unbearably hot from sometime in May until sometime in September.  But, ...

Vote for Me…Please?

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Hello. This is a call to action. In the spirit of the Democratic National Convention, I present to you an early opportunity to vote...FOR ME. To make it easy on everyone involved, I have included not one, but TWO places for you to click so that you can vote [FOR ME]. The first is on the far sidebar and ...

Still Pregnant

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As I'm typing this, I'm having a contraction.  BUT, it's not one of those, "OH MY GAWD I'M IN LABOR" contractions.  It's just something to remind me that I have absolutely no fucking control over this pregnancy whatsoever. Last night I woke up thinking, "Damn, that hurt!" and I promptly went back to sleep. I've said it ...

Kind of Free Bare Escentuals Lip Gloss

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I just got an email from BareEscentuals.com about this 4 HOURS ONLY[!!!] thing that they're doing for their Lip Guard lip gloss.  It's "kind of free" because you have to buy $40 worth of product and enter in the code BEACHY. I have to say that I'm mildly pissed by this email since I just got ...

Book Giveaway

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Way back in October of last year I reviewed Joshua Henkin's book, Matrimony. I really enjoyed the book and wish that I could link to the review that I wrote.  Sadly, that was one of the posts that got assassinated during the "Great Host Move of '08".  [Just take me at my word that I wrote ...

Clean Water and Other Random Things

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I'm currently reading The Ghost Map.  It's about a major cholera outbreak in London in the the middle part of the 19th Century.  How's that for light bedtime reading? In my defense, Tucker's reading Bitten which is about...well...bites.  Spider bites.  Ferret bites.  Snake bites.  Human bites.  Pretty much any and every bite that you can think ...

36 Weeks and Change

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Yesterday was an interesting and eventful [yet uneventful] day. I know we did something other than eat at O'Charley's but I really can only remember the lunch part. There is a point somewhere around here... So we were eating lunch and my back started hurting.  Then my stomach started hurting.  Then, they started hurting in tandem. For those of ...

Semi Homemade Meets The Heathers

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Before Parent Bloggers offered The White Trash Mom Handbook for my reading and reviewing pleasure, I had never heard of Michelle Lamar or her blog, WhiteTrashMom.com. [That makes me a big, out of the loop looser, doesn't it?] I was intrigued by the title of the book since #1 I'm from Arkansas, #2 I'm a ...