Her Dad Did It

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Cara doesn’t dress herself just yet so Tucker and I have to take full credit for this outfit.

The shirt is part of a PJ set but Cara was getting hot so I put the first pair of shorts on her that my hand hit.  The Tinkerbell socks are her father’s contribution.

Now, Cara would never be taken out of our front door in this get-up.

The shirt with different pants?


The socks?


The shorts?

Probably not since they’re very obviously PJ shorts.

We don’t intentionally dress her like a small, blond freak.  For the most part we just don’t see the need to fret and worry about Cara’s sleep clothes matching when we’re the only ones who will see said clothes.

But, I guess if there’s one really great thing about what she wears to bed it’s that there are almost always pictures of the “outfits”.

Pictures that will be perfect for her future friends and boyfriends to laugh at admire.


This post was written for PBN‘s week-long blogblast for Polly Pocket Pop ‘N Swap.  Feel free to head over there and proudly display your kid’s best “outfit”.  Shoot me a trackback so that I can check ’em out.