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The Simpsons Spoof The Mad Men Intro

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Little Pink Bike

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Even though it's not even Halloween, I'm already thinking about Christmas. This is the first Christmas that Cara's going to remember.  I want it to be special.  I've found the tree that we're going to get and I'm in the process of looking for a few special ornaments. When we first moved back to Arkansas, Cara fell ...

Cupcakes Lower Stress

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Oliver's sleep sucked a big one last night so that meant that my sleep sucked as well. We've moved Cara's crib into our room and I've been trying to have Ollie in his bed for at least part of the night to give me and Tucker more room in the bed.  [It's VERY nice to be ...

Junk Science and Betrayal

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Autism's False Prophets Bad Science Risky Medicine and the Search for a Cure

When I found out that my first child was a girl, I was relieved. Boys have higher rates of autism; we dodged that bullet. I had an overconfident self assurance that Cara was safe from this horrible, incurable disease. Thankfully, Caroline is six days away from her second birthday and she shows no signs of autism. When I found ...

Second Chances with Cooler Toys

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It's not a secret to those who know me that I had what, at best, could be called an interesting childhood and, at worst, could be called abusive. I've gotten past the immature urge to blame all of my woes on my parents [usually] and Tucker and I have created our own [usually] awesome family. When we ...

Tinkle Tube?

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My life here recently has been about pee and poop.  [Yes.  ANOTHER potty training post.  Deal with it.] Cara's well on her way to being potty trained and I can honestly say that I never thought that I would consider getting princess underwear for someone a good Christmas gift. I'm a member of a "mothering" website where ...

Oliver in October

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Living Room Potty

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Since no "mommy blog" is complete without at least some mention of potty training, I figured that I would post a picture and a brief story. Cara has been rocking the potty training thing. We got her chair a couple of weeks before I had Oliver but we decided to ignore the chair until after Ollie's birth ...

Technicolor Slinky Thing Video

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50% Interesting

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50% of me is SUPER motivated today. Oliver woke up around 5:30 this morning and then conked back out - after fully waking me up.  [Thanks, Ollie.]  I decided to go ahead and take a shower and get some coffee going.  Shortly there after, Cara woke up and I got her breakfast.  Keep in mind that ...

Cold Large Animals Party

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This morning it was nipple hurting cold. since I had my "hey you had a baby five weeks ago now put your feet in these stirrups" exam at 9 am today, I got up at 6 am while everyone was still asleep and I grabbed a shower. My nipples were just fine until I turned off the ...

Magnetic Cuteness

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I really don't have anything negative to say about Magnet Street baby announcements.  PBN asked me to review these announcements and since they were gonna give me 25 for free, [and I'm a cheap skate] I couldn't turn them down. My initial thought on a magnetic baby announcement was that they were going to look cheap. Click ...