Living Room Potty

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Since no “mommy blog” is complete without at least some mention of potty training, I figured that I would post a picture and a brief story.

Cara has been rocking the potty training thing.

We got her chair a couple of weeks before I had Oliver but we decided to ignore the chair until after Ollie’s birth since we feared a diaper backlash once Cara saw us diapering Oliver.

So, the chair sat in Cara’s bathroom for about a month without any potty love.

Cara had been telling us for quite a while when she was wet and would bring us a diaper.  BUT, she didn’t seem to be able to predict when she had to go.

That problem has apparently rectified itself.  [That sounds dangerously close to rectum.  I’m just sayin’.]

Poor Tucker has ended up with all of the “dirty” potty times and somehow I’ve managed to get the pee ones.  Total coincidence, but I’m not complaining.

This morning, Cara was adamant that she need to “pee pee”.  I told her to go set on her potty.  After about fifteen minutes, I figured that the kid should be MORE than done.


Her butt was super glued to the seat.

Whatever.  That’s cool.  At least she was staying in the bathroom and not ripping something to shreds.

After twenty minutes had passed, Dora’s obnoxious theme song started.

Cara shot out of the bathroom, stood in front of the TV – bare assed dancing – and then jetted back into the bathroom.

I seriously didn’t bat an eye.  My child is very odd; I’ve accepted this.

The next thing I know, I hear a horrible racket.  I turned around in my computer chair to see Caroline dragging her potty chair behind her and into the living room.

Hence the picture.

I’m thinking of framing the picture for posterity.  [That one sounds a lot like posterior.]