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Black Friday = Free Games

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It's Black Friday and that means that it's time to win yourself a free game. The rules are as follows: #1 Post a comment on this post stating which game you want and why - you have to choose one. #2 Write your own post on your blog with a link back to this post and then make ...


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Get Ready for Black Friday

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Hey guys, in celebration of Black Friday when I'll be hiding in our apartment and you will be fist fighting with the masses, I present to you TWO video game giveaways.  One is on this site and the other is going to be held over at Sims Gamer. It's the same giveaway over here as it ...


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Tucker got "fixed" yesterday. His vasectomy is now complete and he's wearing "scrotal support".  Gotta love that. Of course all of the animals and kids want to sit in Tucker's lap which isn't the most comfortable of things for him right now. Here's a conversation that we had last night when Oscar, the cat, jumped up in Tucker's ...

Trust MY Opinion

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Usually when Cara and I disagree on a DVD it's because she's liking something that's crap and I'm having to sit through the stupid thing. That wasn't the case this time. THIS time we watched a DVD that was entertaining but not a dumbed down "baby" DVD. Click here to read the rest.

The Devil Wore Red…

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...according to Cara since she refused to get anywhere close to Santa. Mom and I took the kids to the mall today to look for some presents for Cara and Oliver.  Santa happened to be hanging out on his big ole Santa throne and since both kids were dressed in red, I figured I'd tempt fate ...

Purple is the New Black

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I've thought for about a month now that I had thrush. I wasn't sure since Oliver's latch was so damn bad starting out that I just assumed the pain was due to that.  Oliver's mouth was decently clear, so when my pain went away I had every reason to continue with the idea that the pain ...

He Might Be Giant

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As I'm typing this, I have a sweaty man child lying on my chest. Oliver's been a sleepy guy since his shots yesterday.  I gave him a couple of rounds of Tylenol yesterday to counteract some of the injection site pain, but he's had nothing today since his leg doesn't seem to be painful and he's ...

Grow Baby, Grow

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When PBN first sent me Amazing Baby and read that the author was Desmond Morris, I kept saying Desmond Morris's name over and over because it sounded so familiar to me. After a bit of thinking, I realized that Morris is the guy who wrote The Naked Ape - a book my grandpa told me to ...

The Past Week in Pictures

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Right beside my front door.

Pregnancy and Permission Slips

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As you might have guessed from this post, Tucker's getting fixed. Am I the only one whose brain instantly goes to a dog being neutered?  Wonder if Tucker's going to have to wear one of those cones around his neck? I know he has to wear "scrotal support". When I read that I think of those support hose ...

The Girl Who Cried Pee…er, Wolf

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Nap times and bedtime have never been easy things around our house. Whether Cara just lacks a need for a reasonable amount of sleep or if she's just determined to not sleep, the end result is the same: she's awake. A schedule helps and lots of warning about the impending time in her bed helps but neither ...