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Six Steps to a Successful New Year’s Resolution

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This post was written by a REALLY cool guy who you can find on Twitter @joegeoghan.  To know him is to love him and he is cool beyond his years.  Digg, Stumble and do whatever cool social networking things it is that you do so that Joe realizes just how damn cool he is. Without further ...

A Turkey, a House and Ten Resolutions

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So I made that turkey for Mom's Christmas dinner and it rocked!  Everyone kept talking about how good it was and my aunt hinted that I'll be making it from now on.  Didn't I predict that would happen? Here's a picture of what it looked like after the first 30 minutes at 500 degrees: I got sent ...

I’m the Only One Awake

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One thing that's so cool about having a laptop and a wireless router is that I'm able to sit in the middle of my bed right now and write this. Everyone and thing in my house is asleep right now and I'm taking this chance to get some work done.  Cara stayed at Mom's house Sunday ...

On Pack Structure and Turkeys

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She who makes the turkey is the head bitch. In the South, holiday meal preparation is an example of pack structure in action.  The head bitch [usually the eldest woman] coordinates all of the subordinate bitches' activities.  The head bitch is also responsible for baking the turkey and/or ham (One large source of protein is never ...

Because He’s Cute

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Yesterday was Christmas. Lots of food was consumed.  Many presents were opened and tons of pictures were taken. My father-in-law took all of the pictures and he emailed them to me today.  Sure there were good pictures of Cara but as I was saving the pictures to their happy little folders, I realized that while we have ...

Merry Christmas

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Hello Kitty and Broken Eggs

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Another day; another post. Even though it's Christmas Eve, the weather felt more like Easter than Christmas.  It rained its ass off last night and this morning was just wet.  Being the short person that I am, I got to wear half wet blue jeans while we went shopping for veggies for the vegetable stock that ...

Christmas Cookies

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Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Am I the only person who doesn't feel like it's Christmas? Since Cara is finally to that point where she might start to remember things. I'm hell bent on making this something for her to remember. I'm on the hunt for a kickass cookie recipe.  I've got TONS of butter, some flour, sugar and ...

Hope Someone has Our Backs

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Call me crazy [cause many have] but we're braving Target tomorrow. I know, I know.  What the hell are we thinking?!  But you see, we go through milk so quickly that we should just tie a cow up out back and I have to get a roasting pan for the brined turkey that I'm doing for ...

An Open Letter to Arkansas Weather

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An open letter to Arkansas weather: Dear Arkansas weather, While my family and I lived in Florida for four years, we constantly complained about the fact that Florida weather didn't provide us with seasons.  The general feel of the place was sticky and warm with about a week of "winter".  There were no months of getting to see ...

The Christmas Spirit in Me

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There's nothing like Walmart right before Christmas to put me in a thoroughly crappy mood. We had a couple of presents left to buy and we were out of milk.  Since we had to go to Walmart for the presents, we braved the horrid place [against my better judgement].  If you're not from the South then ...

Leg Circulation is a Necessary Evil

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If you've been "reading me" for any length of time then you know that I have a Baby Hawk carrier and that I LOVE it.  Even in small town Arkansas, I get compliments on it and I think that it's damn handy to have both of my hands free so that I can deal with ...