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Looking for Balance

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*Originally posted about a year ago and posted again because it's still pretty much true* Reading The Middle Place has gotten me to think about “the middle place”. That place where everyone knows you are an adult; you know you are an adult but you try to forget that fact. You have a husband and child and your ...

It was Cold and Stuff

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The ICE STORM OF '09 [!!!]. Well, that's how the local news station like to word it anyway.  This area didn't get hit too bad.  Granted, we were w/out power for a day and a half and the apartment got a bit chilly but all things considered, we didn't have it as bad as most.  Cara ...

Another Ill-Fated Trip

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This weekend we were all set to head off to Alabama for the birthday party of some friends of ours' son.  We got the truck/SUV loaded, the kids packed and set off Friday morning at a pretty early hour. Coffee was drank and the kids were napping and life was good. Somewhere right outside of Memphis we ...


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Week before last we took our SUV in to the SUV doctor and got the fluids flushed and all of this nifty car stuff.  We encountered a complete roadblock on the interstate while the road crew people were repainting lines.  Keep in mind that this was at 9am during the week.  We were at the ...

Monster and Tucker’s Blog

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I started this blog/site/whatever the hell you wanna call it because someone asked me if I had a blog.  At the time, I didn't even really know what a blog was though I had heard about the mythical beast. I've been writing stories and in journals since I was about five and this just seemed like ...

The New Stage Moms/Dads

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I've written this in my head about twenty times today and then decided time and time again to not post it. When you talk about intelligence and kids in the same sentence, people tend to get their panties in a wad. First off, personal experience. I was always the child who preferred adults and much older children to ...

Misshapen Head

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Today was the day that I found my first, honest to God, grey hair on my head. I won't actually write where I found the other one a few years back because I have family who reads this blog and who REALLY needs THAT one spelled out for them? ANYWAY, the first time that I colored my ...

Winter Hats

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I'm rather hot natured by default so when I'm wearing two shirts, my Northface coat, a scarf and a sock hat, you know that it's damn cold outside. Poor Cara wants to go outside and play but she gets as far as the open door and hugs herself and hollars "BRR!!!".  No outside time for that ...

Rumble Strips and MiniSD Cards

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I know, I know.  I haven't updated for a couple of days but in my defense, I really did think that today was Tuesday.  A really, really long Tuesday. Today was spent taking our SUV to the dealership to have it "checked out".  As Cara says, it had to go see "Dr. Sneed" - Cara and ...

On Oliver

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I honestly don't know what to make of this little guy.  While I was pregnant with him I was a major bitch.  Friends didn't want to know me and I think that Tucker reconsidered his love match more than once.  What's funny is that Oliver is probably one of the happiest babies that I've ever ...

I Love My Husband

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So if it sickens you to read about someone talking about how much they love their spouse then I suggest you look through my archives since there's TONS of conversations that demonstrate how juvenile my husband can be - anal bleaching and penis touching are two of my favorites. This weekend is Tucker's "drill weekend".  Normally ...

Poor Cat

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Just couldnt help myself.