Winter Hats

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I’m rather hot natured by default so when I’m wearing two shirts, my Northface coat, a scarf and a sock hat, you know that it’s damn cold outside.

Poor Cara wants to go outside and play but she gets as far as the open door and hugs herself and hollars “BRR!!!”.  No outside time for that girl.

The family and I took a trip to a really trendy home furnishings store here in town that’s having a 50% off sale on all of its floor models.  Their prices are surprisingly reasonable but 50% off of reasonable is still 50% off.  While we were driving to the store, Cara was naming off the people in the car with her – a daily occurence.  Then she noticed that everyone BUT HER was wearing a hat of some sort.

Forget about the fact that Tucker tried to wrestle a hat onto Cara’s blond head.  Please excuse the tiny little detail that Cara screamed like a two year old possessed when Tucker insisted that it was cold outside.

Those ten minutes prior to the car ride were totally forgotten and all that was left was a rather annoyed two year old without a hat.

But little Ollie loved his hat.  Loved it so much that he passed smooth out all covered up in it.